Achieving Goals. The “how-to” and why…

Achieving Goals. The “how-to” and why.

In a “secret location” in Sherman Oaks, CA (I’m permitted to share that much!) is the home of “Voice Over Body Shop”, Dan Lenard & George Whittam‘s voice over industry talk show, covering studio tech, business, acting, coaching, and lots of laughs!

Dan Lenard and George Whittam are tech wizards, specifically for the voice over industry. They help talent set up their home studio, troubleshoot audio issues, and solve the myriad of problems that come up when you are a voice actor and need to be technically proficient. From celebrities to the rest of us, the guys are supportive, extremely experienced, and available for hire!

Sitting down with “the guys” at is an honor that I hoped would be bestowed upon me some day. I’m happy to say, I closed the year with a fun and informative appearance where we talked goals and taking action.

Why would they interview me?

I’ve become known as someone who’s exceptional at being organized. While you never know what really goes on behind the stage curtain – yes, occasional chaos – I am always thrilled to talk to other voice actors about setting up a workflow and routines that help them with their productivity.

My philosophy about setting goals starts with looking at what is truly important to you and ends with integrating your priorities into your life in a way that absolutely suits your lifestyle.

Why are goals even a “thing”?

What does goal-setting have to do with the voice over industry? Working successfully at a voice over business means being a freelancer with a lot of DIY marketing and bookkeeping, in addition to having enough skill and experience to provide the perfect “take”.

Setting a goal, in this business and in any business – let alone life – is important in order to move forward. While some deem goals as useless, I see them as a catalyst for change. Are you happy with how everything has been running for you? No?

Make a change through setting goals, creating an actionable plan and a sustainable routine.

Scheduling it in

In our interview, we also briefly talked about how George doesn’t keep a to-do list. He simply schedules things in immediately and moves scheduled tasks around when necessary and while I think scheduling items in is vital and productive, I wonder about the issue of “urgent and important”. We tend to attack our urgent to-do’s as they come up, or indeed schedule them in. But, what about those important things we never get to? Reflecting on your business. Sticking with an exercise regime. Calling your mom…

While I hope George is indeed scheduling all those important tasks in, too, I admire the fact that he knows how he best handles priorities and schedules everything in immediately. That’s an excellent M.O.!

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