Loyalty in voice over? In the gig economy? In a virtual world?

Loyalty in voice over. Loyalty in the gig economy. Loyalty in a virtual world.

I’ve always said, there is no loyalty in voice over. Except when there is. But, mostly, there’s not.

In my case I wonder, however, that if I used the phone more and connected with clients, would there be a little more loyalty or trust in relationships? Would building relationships with the phone benefit me, keeping me top of mind? The logical voice in me says yes, the experienced voice, says… probably not.

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve worked for, whom I’ve never spoken to on the phone. I’ve had long-term clients whom I’ve never spoken to in “real life”. Whether a reflection of the fast pace of the broadcast world, the low place voice talent are on the totem pole, or the types of people who hire me (quite often techy, and not the most social types), using the phone is simply not something I need to do often. Ironic, that my business mentor and closest personal friend has a whole business teaching people how to be effective phone communicators. Clearly, there is still a need for that skill.

Case in point.

I reached out to a client after not hearing from him for a few months. Not hearing from a client in a few months is not uncommon. However, when you are paid on a monthly retainer and they don’t request your services month after month… not so common. So, since I hadn’t received any scripts, but was still billing the client, I thought I’d reach out to find out what was going on.

Turns out, my contact – the person who sends me scripts and whom I’ve worked with for a very long time – was told by his supervisor that they wouldn’t be using my services any more, they were going in a different direction. Except, they didn’t tell me. Through no fault of my contact – he was told the supervisor would handle me – a company I’ve worked for monthly, for almost fourteen years, just decided to end things.

Thing is, if I picked up the phone and talked to anyone, I don’t know that the result would have been any different. Near fourteen years is a VERY long time to be with a client and I am so grateful to have been on their roster for so long. When talking loyalty and integrity, we’ve both held up our (loose) end of the deal for a very long time.

I suppose the moral of the story is, continue to do good work and provide great customer service – the clients will come, and sometimes go, that’s the nature of the freelancer’s business.

The winds of change blow all the time

And, “the winds of change blow all the time…” That is my mantra. I’m always okay with the change that is inherent in my business because, inevitably, it will change again. A door closes. A door opens. Always.

Are you a freelancer? What are your thoughts about this subject? Are you building strong connections? Do they matter in your business? Does the phone help you?…

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  1. Brad Avenyou

    Natasha –my vo business has grown in great part thanks to you –and so has my admiration, respect and depth of gratitude grown for my good fortune to know you. Thank you for delivering pearls, such as this edition.
    Be well my friend, and I love your YouTube Channel “Speechless” with Kim Wilson.
    Finally, I’ll say it again, your paid course with Katherine Tole is peerless and has been beyond value.
    —Brad Avenyou

    • admin

      Such a remarkable compliment coming from you, a PROLIFIC voice talent. Thank you, Brad!!!


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