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E-learning – education delivered through digital means – has traditionally been regarded as an inferior way to learn due to the perceived lack of human connection. With the quick progress of technology, however, it’s now whole-heartedly accepted on a global scale. As a substantial amount of our life is spent online, e-learning video has inevitably become a dynamic, engrossing, and interactive means of disseminating information and know-how.

Using video for e-learning is highly time- and cost-effective. You reach a large number of people with the same content at once, and learners can access the material 24/7 thereby learning at their pace – and learning at “their own pace” actually ends up being faster!  Students can easily skip past content that they already know in order to concentrate on new learning. And that new learning is facilitated by an experienced voice actor. As a mom, an online trainer, a conference speaker, and a life-long learner herself, Natasha has a deep understanding of the e-learning process and what’s required by both learners and educators to make knowledge accessible.

As for financial savings – you’ll no longer have the need to print learning materials. Travel and site rental costs are eliminated, since your audience can choose their time and place for consistent learning, depending on their schedule. You now have a plethora of online learning platforms to choose from, so finding a competitive price from a user-friendly platform with interactive features is a breeze! Also painless – using Natasha to voice your video. As an experienced business-owner, Natasha works with your budget to the best of her ability in order to quickly provide you with an estimate for providing her talent and expertise.

Interactive e-learning motivates the learner and increases retention of the information presented. Students feel more accomplished and are more willing to take risks in a private setting where there’s no danger of being judged. Dragging and dropping items to practice a skill, clicking to animate an object or to start a procedure, or simply clicking on the answer to a question are all examples of the interactive process. Games and puzzles are highly effective learning tools, and perfect for engaging the learner in an active way. “Serious games” are both instructive and entertaining, as students are motivated by the adventure of pursuit and earning rewards.

Simulations, scenarios, stories, and real-world examples bring the human element to your video and help the learner to build actual skills and to problem-solve in the comfort of their own environment. Your video voiced by Natasha will bring that “only human” element to e-learning! Warm, conversational, and friendly – Natasha’s voice can competently guide your learners through your topic.

A visually and acoustically appealing e-learning video will enhance any subject content. lists the “key ingredients that contribute to a good design that fulfills our visual senses”:

Color and Contrast – differentiate important parts of text with pleasing, contrasting colors

Repetition – follow the same design in terms of color, shapes, and other elements

Alignment and Balance – make sure that some visual elements don’t overwhelm others and are equidistant

What about the key ingredient that contributes to pleasing acoustics? Simple – hire Natasha today to be your voice!  She is skilled at communicating the meaning and significance of educational content.  Her manner is confident, yet relatable, allowing her to easily connect with any audience. You can rest assured that Natasha will enhance the credibility of any e-learning project.


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