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Female Voice Over Actor for Corporate Fundraising

Corporate Fundraising Female Voice Artist Demo

“People don’t buy what you make; they buy what you stand for.”
– Eric Liedtke, Adidas’ former head of global brands, 2018.

It’s a new brand of consumer out there, and an increasing number of them are beginning to associate where they shop with the causes and values that are near and dear to their hearts. A recent report by New Philanthropy Capital – a charity sector think tank in the U.K. – revealed that 91% of businesses expressed that their main reason for collaborating with charities was to enhance corporate reputation. And a recent survey released by Markstein – an integrated communications agency, and Certus Insights – a public opinion firm, announced that seventy percent of consumers want to know what the brands they support are doing to address social and environmental issues. A simple glance at all types of advertising attests to the fact that corporate/non-profit partnerships are growing, and are a boon to both sides of the union. Non-profits get more exposure, and corporations build relationships and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Within your company structure you can be creative with all sorts of team-fundraising events to encourage your employees to support your cause (corporate golf events, karaoke contests, bowling nights, raffles, bingo night, etc.). When reaching out to consumers, however, you need an effective and engaging strategy that reaches a wide audience at once, and that’s where video and audio come into play! Your corporate fundraising video or audio project can make potential donors feel comfortable donating to your cause and lead them to connect to your brand on an emotional, personal level. Natasha’s pleasant and inviting style of voice over gives a professional, polished touch for the completion of your important project.

A Key to Producing an Effective Cause Fundraising Video or Audio Project is to be Genuine

Discerning audiences can tell when Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is truly an integral part of your company. Showcase that your employees are involved in helping to raise money, or serving as volunteers with your cause. Develop a connection with consumers and create memorable moments by telling authentic stories. Use everyday situations to make your cause relatable to your audience. Appeal to a wider market by recounting inspirational events that will captivate an audience beyond your company’s typical consumer. And when you need that memorable, relatable, and inspirational voice to narrate your project, Natasha has the expertise to see it through.

The Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study found the following:

  • 78 percent of Americans believe companies should not just make money. They must positively impact society as well.
  • 77 percent feel more connected to companies that care about social and environmental issues.
  • 66 percent would change their buying habits by switching to products from a socially conscious company.
  • 68 percent want to share content about CSR-driven companies with their social networks much more than about traditional companies.

Are you ready to share your company values and their impact on society? If so, choose a voice actor who possesses a strong sense of social responsibility and understands the type of narration you need to benefit you, your non-profit, and your shared cause. And when Natasha’s finished, don’t forget to co-promote your movement with your non-profit by sharing on social media and tagging each other, sending joint press releases, and using each other’s logos in your marketing campaigns!