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Female Voice Over Actor for Case Studies

Case Studies, Female Voice Artist Demos

A case study video is another powerful business-to-business marketing strategy to add to your toolbox.

More than an advertisement, the case study video communicates your company’s brand with the goal of building up your client’s image of your company and its products or services. gives this spot-on description: “Case studies are advertising’s advertising”. Can’t put it any better than that!

An effective marketing case study video will clearly describe a challenge facing your company and explain in-depth the advertising blueprint used for tackling that challenge. It builds viewers’ trust in your brand, without including a bold “call-to-action” that is normally used in straight-on advertising. People want to affiliate with competent businesses, and case study videos signal that your company is good at what it does. When your goal is to showcase your work, tell the story of your success, and establish credibility for your brand, Natasha’s authentic and trustworthy voice artistry is the perfect fit for your project.

But other businesses aren’t your only market for case study videos! You can go the route of advertising to potential customers as well. A customer-oriented case study video demonstrates how your past and current customers use your products or services to solve their real-world problems. Using actual customer testimonials, these case study videos do provide convincing, “call-to-action” content, which can lead to new clients and increased revenue. Highlighting the experiences of real and relatable customers humanizes your brand and helps potential customers connect to your products and services. When you are ready to hire a voice actor, Natasha is capable of giving a believable, ‘real-person’ narration that augments your customers’ stories.

Now, how can you get your case study videos in front of clients and potential customers? For both customer and business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn, with over 55 million registered businesses, is the go-to social media site for posting trust-building content. Twitter, and Facebook are close second and third options.

When considering video communication platforms, most likely YouTube pops into your mind first! But Vimeo, Brightcove, Wistia, and Sproutvideo are viable options. You also have at your disposal:
Email Marketing – including the ever-important “follow-up” email after a meeting or sales pitch. A case-study video gives your email some weight and importance!
Company Blog – promote your success by focusing on your clients and their customer satisfaction
Company Website – on your home page, landing page, or even a page dedicated solely to your case studies

No matter which market you are targeting with your case study video, the necessary elements are the same. Your video should include real data that supports your premise – today’s informed viewers want you to back up your claims. Also necessary – an overarching story or several personal anecdotes that demonstrate how your efforts, services, or products have impacted someone on a human, emotional level. You want to highlight the advantages of your brand, not its characteristics – focus on the result. Once you have shown clearly and creatively how your solution solved a problem, and what the final results were, Natasha is ready to add a stirring and motivational tone. Contact her today for quick, reliable, and professional work.