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Today’s voters want to know their candidates. Beyond (and including) the party platform, they want information on politicians’ lives and values, what they’ve accomplished, and what they promise to accomplish. Today’s politicians know that revealing this information is part and parcel of taking on such a grand responsibility, and that video and radio ads are the key building blocks to a successful election campaign. According to, recent spending on political ads has intensified. More politicians are making good use of the fact that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (

The types of messages you’ll need to relay to the public are varied. To begin with, you may only need a simple introduction ad where you briefly discuss your life and what makes you a good candidate. This type of video serves to get your name, and the office you are running for, readily recognizable. It also sets the tone for the rest of your campaign, so the voice actor you hire should be able to match your intended style. Natasha can provide for you a considerable range – anywhere from warm and friendly, to energetic and purposeful.

Once you’ve established your name, you may want to consider a comparison ad. Quite simply, it is as it sounds – a comparison between you and your opponent. You would highlight your beliefs and how they stand against your opponent’s platform. A voice that can present your campaign in a positive, uplifting tone while portraying that of your opponent’s in a more negative light, is a must-have.

The negative ad goes a little further. It focuses solely on your opponent, but ideally shouldn’t be too personal. You want to make it clear to your audience how your opponent’s ideas would be harmful and irreparable should your opponent get elected. Keeping it issues-based, you want to find a voice that can strike the right balance between tough and compelling, and unpretentious. Natasha can rise to that challenge with utmost confidence!

Political advertising goes farther than the election campaign, however. Elected politicians often need to create single issue advertisements. When there’s an important issue you want to address in your community, single issue videos can quickly get your message across in a budget-friendly manner. Normally, you’re appealing to the public to lend their support by voting in support of the issue, or donating their time or money. The voice actor you hire should present your case in a compelling and passionate manner.

A non-profit/good cause ad serves to communicate your character and leads the public to make a human connection with you. When your goal is to inspire your fellow citizens to make their local and national community a better place to live, Natasha can provide your inspirational message with the right style of voice – empathetic, caring, and persuasive.

Contact Natasha today!  Recording in her StudioBricks, Source-Connected booth, she is able to deliver all your voice over needs in a timely and professional manner.

Political Voice Actor Videos

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