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Female Voice Over Acting for Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services Voice Over Artist Demo

The modern Healthcare Industry is vast, and constantly transforming in order to keep up with patient needs, new scientific discoveries, and rapid technological advances. With that comes the proliferation of educated and innovative healthcare professionals providing top-notch services. It’s a consumer’s market out there now, and people can very easily comparison-shop for the most suitable healthcare service to suit their needs. How can you let your valued community and desired audience know that you are there to care for them?

A Healthcare Advertising Campaign is crucial to your success as a professional. Any type of healthcare service can greatly benefit from television, radio, and digital advertising. Whether you provide curative, preventive, rehabilitative, or long-term/palliative care, the advantages of advertising are many. You attract more patients in order to form long-term relationships, receive more referrals from others in the medical profession, and stand out over your competitors who don’t advertise. Did you know that until the 1980’s, the American Medical Association did not allow its members to advertise (BMC Health Services Research)? Thankfully, now you can avail yourself of all that the advertising industry offers in order to grow and maintain your practice as the active and caring service you wish it to be. As part of that process, it’s time to find the right voice to serve your advertising needs!

According to, “Ads now are empowered by meaningful branding that inspires, entertains, and builds a cult-like following to your healthcare brand.” What is branding? It’s a character/identity/personality that is particular and unique to your service. It relates your mission and values, and it must be consistent throughout all your advertising efforts. With the right voice to represent the tone of your brand, you can reach your local, national, or international audience very easily! Natasha has a deep understanding of the strength of branding in advertising, and will work with you to communicate your service effectively to your target audience.

Have you considered all the forms of advertising you’ll be using to reach a variety of clients? For example, digital advertising offers you many choices! There’s in-app ads targeting mobile devices, email advertising, paid social media ads (choose the platform specific to your audience! e.g. Facebook for the 35+ crowd), display ads (banner or video ads on a website), and search ads that display in search engine results. Those may have already been at the top of your mind, but are you aware of location-based Advertising? This is a strategy that uses a mobile device’s location to inform the device’s owner about an offering from a near-by business. This allows you to send ads to people who live in your area. With a firm grasp on all the types of advertising venues offered by our fast-paced world, Natasha can assist in wrapping up your project with a tone and style of voice that suits your needs.

Natasha is an experienced voice actor professional who is able to lend a calm, capable, confident voice to your advertising project, no matter what sector of the industry you’re involved with. Are you a physiotherapist? Chiropractor? Naturopath? She can work with your intended tone and message. Do you own a MedSpa? An Allergy Clearing Clinic? An Infertility Clinic? Natasha can be your warm, compassionate, reassuring voice. Is your service part of today’s top 5 fastest-growing healthcare services? Natasha can competently serve your needs whether you run a health care practitioner’s office, a private or public hospital, a residential care facility, services within home health care, or you provide outpatient laboratory and assorted ambulatory services. Contact Natasha today to discuss your vision!

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