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Female Medical Jargon Voice Over Talent

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis – one of the longest medical terms…have you mastered it? That one might take some practice! When seeking a voice talent to narrate your medical video, you’re looking for someone who can handle difficult and complex medical terminology while simultaneously delivering the script content in a comprehensible manner. It’s critical that your listeners – professionals as well as patients – get information that is pronounced accurately and with authority. Anyone working within the medical field should be able to easily understand and use standardized medical language when carrying out their normal assignments and communicating daily with other medical professionals – at home and around the world. When it comes to specificity, Natasha has the voiceover skills to deliver a dignified, polished finish to your project.

Natasha is a highly competent researcher and has a sound understanding of the foundations of medical terminology

Modern medical terminology has its roots mostly in the Latin and Greek languages, from both the influence of Italian medical schools during the Renaissance, and teachings of the ancient Greek physician Galen. Most medical terms have 3 parts: a prefix (at the beginning and alters the meaning of the medical term), a word root (usually the middle of the word and is the foundational meaning) and a suffix (comes at the end and alters the meaning of the medical term). Take, for example, the word adenocarcinoma. The root (carcin-) signifies tissue that is cancerous. The suffix (-oma) points to a tumor or abnormal growth. The prefix (adeno-) indicates a gland ( A helpful key to learning medical terms is to become familiar with a list of common prefixes, root words, and suffixes. The ability to understand how medical terms are formed, and the meaning of each part of the word, is absolutely crucial when voicing a medical narration for training or other purposes.

Medical Terminology is used by Nurses, Physician Assistants, Family Doctors, Surgeons and Specialists in Many Different Scenarios

It can be used to describe symptoms, give an official diagnosis, explain treatment procedures, and when giving instructions on how to take medications. Medical office administrators also use medical terms when coding and billing for treatments and procedures. It’s not only used in hospitals, but also in private clinics, specialized surgery sites, residential care facilities, insurance companies, and by researchers. Comprehending medical terminology leads to increased efficiency in patient care and safety, facilitates communication between professionals, and standardizes medical documentation ( When studying your project, Natasha understands the breadth and scope of your content and of your audience, and undertakes the task of imparting knowledge with the seriousness that is due.

Although it seems that videos laden with complicated medical terms will end up being dry and technical, that doesn’t have to be the case. An experienced voice artist, broadcaster, and live performer, Natasha is able to find the story in any script and connect to it in her unique, “only human” style. She is a skilled and gifted speaker who can assist you in giving information and instructions to students, experienced physicians, and lay people alike, in an accessible manner. Her steady and centered voice lends a composed and professional atmosphere to your project.
Natasha also fully understands the importance of working collaboratively with you to meet your needs and timelines. Contact her today to begin the process!

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