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Commercial Female Voice Over Actor

Female Voice Actor, Commercial Artist

When hiring a voice actor, you want a consummate professional who has an interest in completing the project with integrity. A person who is able to take direction and integrate that direction immediately… someone who will save you time by delivering impeccable files, faster than you imagined. …and… naturally, a voice that represents your tone and your brand. When you are ready to move ahead, I am ready to rise to the challenge and complete your project!

If you’re reading this (and listening to my demo), you’re likely at the tail-end of your commercial production. You’ve carefully created your brand, developed a theme and crafted a simple but powerful story. Your advertisement connects with your audience on an emotional level, helping them to remember your brand. The tone you’ve chosen matches your brand, and now…you are searching for the voice talent.

The savvy marketer knows that opportunities for video and audio advertising now span across devices and platforms. We have tablets, desktops, laptops, telephones, wristwatches, dongles like Roku or Chromecast, internet-capable DVD players, and gaming devices. There’s YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels, podcasts, and music streaming sites such as Spotify. The possibilities are endless!

Connected TV (televisions that have access to an internet connection and can load or stream digital content) has become an extremely effective way to reach audiences, and will remain as such, given the opportunities for targeted marketing. With precise gathering of data on audiences (age, interests, income levels), marketers can deliver specific commercials to specific viewers. Yes, different ads can be shown to different households, even though they are all watching the same program! This budget-friendly way of advertising holds fantastic potential towards engaging responsive audiences. Studies show that consumers watch connected TV ads for a more extended period than on linear tv (traditional cable), and pay more attention to their content.

A similar tactic is used in Digital Audio advertising – these are the ads heard on streaming radio services, or music streaming sites such as Spotify. As explains it:
Radio talks to the whole class about insects. Digital audio picks out the kids already interested in insects and has an in-depth conversation with them. The first’s strength is in converting those who might not have realized they liked insects. The second’s strength is the potential engagement of existing bug lovers.

According to studies, people listen to 4 hours of audio per day, and young Millennials spend as much time listening via digital sources as AM/FM radio. Times have certainly changed!

The strength of video and audio commercials as marketing tools is enduring, though the technology used to transmit these messages is ever changing. In what seems a short amount of time (the world’s first ‘legal’ television commercial was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941!) we have gone beyond the media of television and radio – though, without question, they remain ultra practical advertising venues with loyal viewers/listeners.

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