9 keys to reading a commercial script

I had the privilege of leading a portion of a communications workshop with Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady, and coached two dozen people on how to voice a commercial. Breaking down the steps for the workshop was a great exercise in my own recognizing that there is indeed skill and talent required to record scripts that I have honed over the years.  You see, I didn’t really realize all that goes into voicing material, until I had to dissect it because, to be honest, I never thought what I do is all that unique or skillful. While I am aware of the fact that my schooling helped educate me and my talent as a singer is valuable in my business, I believed that what I do is definitely unglamorous and at best, fairly run of the mill.  The ego is ever-present in the business world and as a proponent of “keeping it real”, I am unimpressed with the façade of success that comes from a slick webpage.

For the workshop, I established nine important keys to reading a commercial that include: sell style, voice quality, energy level, timing, pace, pauses and breaths, pronunciation, tone and musicality, and use of equipment.  Each point is important in setting the stage for a successful voice-over whether for a commercial, a business narration, or otherwise. (As it turns out, these points are also key in telephone communication as per The Phone Lady!)

I will elaborate on the purpose and importance of each point in future posts.  Suffice it to say that coaching others in voice-overs was satisfying and eye-opening, offering me a fresh perspective on what I do every day.  Turns out, hey, I’m a pretty talented gal, and, occasionally glamorous!

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  1. lisettevanraadshooven@yahoo.ca

    I so love how you combine music (titles/lyrics) with your blogs. Very unique and clever and clearly indicates your musicality and creative writing. Bravo to you for your talent and glamor!

  2. Mary Jane Copps

    Thanks, Natasha, for this wonderful post. It was great to work with you and discover the similarities between your expertise and phone work. I look forward to doing more workshops with you in the future.


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