Corporate Producers Collaborating with Voice Actors

corporate producers and voice actors collaborate

Collaborating with Voice Actors

Success in voice acting is a delicate dance of mastering pronunciation, interpreting scripts, and effective direction. For those wielding the power to shape voiceovers, whether for commercials, narrations, or other creative endeavors, the nuances of scripting and directing are paramount.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of working with voice actors and consider these invaluable insights into crafting compelling scripts and providing effective direction.

Voice actors find that precision in pronunciation is a daily necessity. Navigating through proper names and regional pronunciations often requires a helping hand beyond the conventional tools like or

When words pose a challenge, seeking the correct pronunciation becomes an art. There are practical ways to help others pronounce words correctly. The more information you can offer, especially for regional words, the smoother the workflow for a voice actor.

Tips for Helping Talent Pronounce Words Correctly:

> Leave a voicemail with the correct pronunciation.
> Record a (rough) audio file and email the file.
> Type out the pronunciation phonetically, capitalizing the emphasized syllables.

Idea #3 seems tricky to some people, but it’s not. Simply break down the word(s) into syllables and sounds as you hear them. See the example on how I broke down the pronunciation of my name, “Natasha Marchewka”:

nah – TAH – shah march – EF – kah

> Capitalized the syllables that need emphasis: TAH and EF
> Wrote out the phonetics, or sounds, as you might commonly hear them: nah – TAH – shah march – EF – kah

Interpreting Scripts: Balancing Direction and Freedom

A delicate balance exists between following precise directions and embracing the freedom to decipher scripts independently.

When given direction, the task of interpreting a voice-over script becomes a nuanced art. Whether it’s a simple “happy, upbeat”, “with a smile”, “testimonial style”, or a detailed set of instructions, each script offers a unique challenge. Some scripts provide the freedom to interpret without explicit guidance, allowing voice actors to use their intuition based on the advertiser, product, and script nuances.

However, occasionally the direction is quite elaborate. Example…

“The audience are golfers (from 15 – 65) women and men. For the artistic direction – express the right emotions while reading the texts and keep the timing (30 secs); For the Introduction part, use a friendly tone; For the Problem part, use a concerned tone; For the Solution part, use a higher tone (maybe more amusing and happy); Special Requests – Keep the timing as written in the sample script.”

HAHAHA!! WOW! I am far more apprehensive to voice a script offering a lot of seemingly helpful information, than none. The pressure to get the direction correct, remembering the changing instructions while I’m invested in reading the script, is a big distraction!

The Art of Directing Voice Talent

As creative industries increasingly turn to online platforms for voice casting, the role of directing voice over talent evolves. The shift to at-home studios brings a variety of talents, each at a different stage in their career, often requiring direction. Knowing how to direct a session is a skill that allows a voice actor to shine, regardless of their experience. Pro tips from seasoned voice actors and industry professionals offer valuable insights for successful directed sessions.

Pro Tips For Directing Voice Overs:

Tips from seasoned voice actors, Debbie Grattan and Kelley Buttrick at VO Planet
They share what makes a great voice over session director, what the most important things a voice over producer can do BEFORE a session, and what kind of feedback is most useful during a session.

Directing Voice Talent: Better Communication, Better Results:
From Dan Friedman at
an article from a producer/engineer/voice actor’s standpoint, as Dan wears all hats. Brief and to the point, Dan shares the what, who, and how! Great breakdown.

Directing Voice Talent? Check Out These Tips for Perfect Narrations!
From Lori Haller at the Great Voice Company, some advice for corporate narration projects specifically. This article is to the point about what to do before a session and during. She breaks it down very simply.

The Science of Directing Voice Talent:
And from Allison Smith at, “…for writing scripts for telephony – whether that’s IVR, On Hold Systems, or Call Center Prompts, it is essential to be able to communicate what you (or your end client) is looking for; what image they’re looking to establish with their phone system.”

The Ideal Client

Every voice actor has a wish list for their ideal client – the perfect client contributes to a smooth workflow! With reverence to my beloved loyal clients who check off all the reasonable requests, here is my wish list…

Top 10 List:

> Reveals their budget upfront to avoid over and under bidding.
> Specifies how the audio will be used to determine fair rates.
> Delivers a specific deadline for realistic expectations.
> Provides plenty of turnaround time for prioritization.
> Reads through the script before sending.
> Times the script to avoid editing challenges.
> Offers succinct script direction for clarity.
> Provides pronunciations of all unusual, tricky, or local words.
> Shares the exact required length of narration for tone adjustments.
> Pays immediately upon receiving voice-over for efficiency.


> Provides a finished copy of the audio file.
> Provides ongoing work, testimonials, and referrals – a dream scenario for any voice actor.

Collaborating with voice actors is a fulfilling creative pursuit. Understanding each other’s needs ensures a seamless and successful journey in the realm of voice acting!


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