Only Human VO

Warm relevance. Earthy elegance.


About Natasha Marchewka Female Voice Over Actor

Natasha Marchewka is… only human – a fact she fully embraces in her voice over work. Like a deep chat with an old friend over coffee, or a supportive, motherly talk over tea, Natasha’s sound feels intimate, comforting, and understanding, yet also casual and natural. She’s authentic, down-to-earth and connects with her audiences on a personal level.

With a VO business since 2006, Natasha has experience and business acumen to accompany her warm voice excellence. She’s worked with a number of clients, including First Horizon Bank, Universal Studios, Florida Tourism, and more. In all her projects, Natasha is reliable and dedicated to delivering the voice over talent her clients hear in their heads. For 17 years and counting, she is always striving to educate herself and perfect her craft.

Before VO, Natasha earned a BAA in Radio and Television Arts from The Creative School at the Toronto Metropolitan University. She spent several years singing in clubs in New York City and paying her dues in many different media and entertainment jobs. Natasha made the change to voice over acting with confidence, knowing it was the artform for her.

Natasha works from her StudioBricks booth equipped with a Sennheiser 416 mic, a Yamaha AG03 interface, and Adobe Audition. She has two teens, a rescue Dane, a miniature Poodle, and a love of Yoga and meditation.

For a sound that’s equal parts warm relevance and earthy elegance, look no further than Natasha Marchewka. She’s only human, in the best way.