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TV In-Show Narration Voice Over Actor

TV In-Show Narration, Female Voice Over Talent

Who can forget The Wonder Years, with the talented Daniel Stern narrating the older version of Kevin reflecting on his younger years? In a similar manner, Ron Howard served as the backward-looking narrator for the more-recent popular television series Arrested Development. And Mary Alice Young played the “omniscient narrator” of Desperate Housewives. Add to that list To Kill a Mockingbird and Stand By Me and it’s soon apparent that voiceover narration has been skillfully used to strengthen and elevate the production of many artistic projects, to present subtext, and to express what the dialogue or action cannot.

The voice of an in-show narrator or film documentary narrator is often so well matched to the storytelling that often, you can’t tell the voice is even there….

Much like in the written word, narration in a film or television show is meant to promote understanding of the story amongst its viewers, and to enhance the entertainment value. In the performing arts, you’ll often hear the mantra, “Show, don’t tell.” So, in-show narration might seem antithetical to that premise…until you realize that exemplary voiceover narration can show as it tells! Although you might see some debate about voiceover in movies and TV shows amongst those who critique television, it’s clear that TV in-show narration is used often and with great success!

A voice for your film should be someone capable of the subtle art of narration.

Natasha has extensive experience in script analysis, carefully tracking and interpreting the arc of the entire story contained in a script. She is skilled in determining the target audience, relaying the message effectively, moving the story along, inciting emotion, and even providing a touch of comic relief. An accomplished voice actor is performing as much as the actors on screen! You can look to Natasha to expertly complement the tone and intent of your production.

What if your project is not a fiction television show, or a movie? Of course, in-show narration lends itself naturally to all kinds of non-fiction endeavors! Have you created…

-A poetic documentary? Natasha can assist you in your goal of creating a feeling throughout.
-An expository documentary? You may need Natasha’s authoritative and knowledgeable tone to deliver straightforward narration with the goal to inform or persuade. Or perhaps it’s a more warm and comforting style that you require – Natasha can provide that as well.
-A reality show? If you’re searching for a voice that can help your show stand out from the rest, Natasha’s distinct tongue-in-cheek delivery might be just what you’re looking for!
-A Lifestyle show? Travel, food, home renos and design – Natasha has a passion for all 3! Her natural enthusiasm and authentic approach will shine through whatever script you throw her way.
-A True crime series? A serious, engaging, and sometimes dark ambience is certainly within Natasha’s wheelhouse – she can add that sense of mystery and intrigue your creation requires.

If you are seeking a voice actor for in-show narration, don’t hesitate to contact Natasha today! She is a consummate professional who will work with you quickly and diligently to bring your project to fruition.