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Professional Voice Actor Demos

Voice Actor Demos by Natasha Marchewka


Providing voice over services to elevate your image and strengthen your brand!

With more than a decade in voiceover, two decades in performance, and three decades in customer service, Natasha adds professionalism and finesse to corporate presentations of all kinds, commercial copy, …even voicemail. Top notch studio capabilities, including Source-Connect for directed sessions.

Natasha’s voice is “a warm, soothing, compassionate, Mom-Next-Door”; “a professional, yet casual and conversational product expert”; with a neutral-accent, Natasha can sound both natural and friendly, while authoritative and knowledgeable…

You have found an experienced voice over talent, capable of handling a large scope of professional voice actor recording jobs, at a price that does not include fees to third party web marketplaces. Hiring Natasha means hiring a seasoned voice over artist to interpret a script that you need recorded competently and… done right the first time.

Further, if her tone-of-voice is not your “cup of tea”…she is happy to confidently refer you to other pro female and male voice actors.

Top level talent. Competitive rates. Efficient, reliable, impeccable service.

Your Work Is All I Talk About!