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Conference VOG Voice Over Actor

Female Voice Actor for Conference VOG

Female “Voice of God” voice artist

“Ladies and Gentlemen…” if you are looking for a voice over talent to announce your theatrical presentation, concert, special ceremony, conference or other event, Natasha can competently provide your “Voice of God” recordings! Whether it’s welcoming guests, introducing speakers, giving information about award-winners, voicing the video segments of your event, house-keeping, or reminding people to quickly get seated and turn off those phones(!), Natasha’s powerful but natural style will grab your audience’s attention.

A pre-recorded “Voice of God” (VOG) announcer can be used to introduce the emcee, or even to act as the emcee in place of an onstage presenter.

The VOG host is not visible to the audience – the disembodied voice seems to be coming from the heavens. (Fun fact: during Shakespeare’s time, the Globe Theatre’s “the heavens” was a ceiling over the stage that protected the actors from sun or rain. In addition, it represented the sky/heaven, and actors would descend from it when playing angels or spirits.) This situation – one without facial or other physical indications – requires a compelling, weighty voice that will engage listeners and guide their focus toward the matter at hand.

Natasha can deliver any type of event script. If your script requires a fun and humorous, or tongue-in-cheek approach – she can deliver that. Or perhaps you’re looking for realistic and down-to-earth. She can deliver that, too. Natasha can pack a lot of personality into a short, concise script for introducing speakers (consider short and concise if your event has a lot of speakers and presenters!). If your script is longer (does the speaker need to walk a long way from their seat or behind the stage to the microphone?), she can keep the audience’s attention by lending a sense of occasion. Would you like to inspire a round of applause (tip: keep the speaker’s name for the end of the introduction)? Or impress your attendees with the grandness of the event? You’ll need an experienced voice talent to help you deliver the event you’ve worked so hard at to bring to fruition.

With a degree in broadcasting and over 2 decades in live performance, pre-recorded event announcing is second-nature to Natasha.
She has an innate understanding of what it takes as a live performer, and can easily combine those skills with her voiceover expertise to produce VOG announcements. Using her StudioBricks studio, she can provide professional, high-level recordings in a timely manner for this essential part of your event. Or, if you prefer, Natasha is set-up with Source Connect for directed sessions – to accurately deliver the tone and style you’re looking for. Contact her today to discuss your event’s voiceover needs!