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Corporate Videos Can Serve Your Business Needs in a Number of Ways.

Do you need to introduce your company to potential stakeholders, or to consumers? A company profile video is essential in order to communicate your company’s history, values and purpose to your audience.

Perhaps you’ve created a recruiting video in order to obtain top-level employees. A good recruitment video with the right voice can help your company stand out amongst your competitors. It should reveal the human side of your business and show potential employees how they might fit into your company culture.

Training and safety videos are a must in today’s corporate world. According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles. They are a cost-effective way to teach new skills or knowledge and are frequently used in employee onboarding, improving customer service skills, and demonstrating new software or systems.Training videos are more easily accessible for all employees, and are valuable for refresher training when an employee is carrying out a new task for the first time.

Have you tried using video for internal communication? Get important, repetitive reminders and announcements out to your employees while saving time by eliminating in-person meetings. Quickly give a product update or recap an important project once it’s complete. Through video you can appeal to your employees’ different learning styles using a variety of visuals and music, for greater engagement and retention of information.

Business-to-business marketing and fundraising efforts can also benefit from using corporate video.

Rather than focusing on your brand, you can emphasize being useful. As explained by, “Crafting videos that tackle the industry you are a part of will help you and all those in the same field as yours. Though it is like a blanket marketing tool, you will reap the benefits later on if you proved yourself as an expert in this area.” Communicate the character and conduct of your company by fundraising for a need in your community, and by creating video content to meet that need.

No matter which type of corporate video you have created, choosing the right voice for your project is key. The voice you choose can assist in creating a strong brand, recruiting capable employees, training new employees, introducing new information, and more. The voice actor you hire should be able to understand and deliver the mood and tone of your production.

With years of experience in corporate voice over, Natasha can effectively tell your company’s story, explain your procedures, communicate your corporate announcements, and make emotional connections with your audience. She can provide a clear and concise voice with an authoritative, warm, and friendly tone. Contact Natasha today!

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