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Medical Narration, Pharmaceutical Voice Over Actor

Professional Female Voice Artist in Healthcare and Medical Narration

Medical videos have become an everyday presence in the lives of both medical professionals and “everyday” people!  Whether it’s a training video for the medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industry, an informational video for patients, or a marketing video, it’s clear that video has become a popular way to engage medical specialists and patients alike.

Where are medical videos viewed?  First in mind are universities, hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmaceutical companies. However, there are also entire websites that provide free platforms for anyone seeking medical information! WebMd has been popular for many years now, but there’s also,,,, and – to name a few. Oh, and we can’t forget Youtube, naturally! A global viewership is easily within reach.

If you’ve created a medical video for patients, or the general public, precision and clarity are essential. For an audience without medical experience, you’ll need to simplify health topics without talking down to them. Many people watching these videos may be worried about their own health, or the health of a loved one, and a calm, knowledgeable voice will go a long way towards putting them at ease. Whether explaining a treatment, procedure, or touring the facility where a patient will be treated, Natasha’s “only human” approach to medical narration will be the perfect match to your topic. With Natasha’s voiceover experience, she can offer your audience help and hope during a distressing time.

Videos for medical professionals or medical students have a different tone, as professionals and students will already possess some knowledge of the topic at hand. However, some content may be new to them, or outside of their area of expertise, so accuracy and intelligibility are paramount in order to foster maximum learning.

For professionals, though, clinical training doesn’t end with patient treatment procedures. According to, there are 5 types of training videos that hospitals should consider:

1) Staff Safety Training – they suggest putting these in employee break rooms
2) Housekeeping Training“There’s sanitation… and a whole host of concerns to be aware of.”
3) Home Health Procedure Training – to give staff greater confidence in sending their patients home for self-care.
4) HIPPA Training – to remain in strict compliance with all regulations
5) Patient Safety Training“…to get to know best practices and expectations of the hospital itself.”

If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, no doubt you are using video to market to medical practices and to the public. Depending on the topic, you may have incorporated animation with an element of humor to lighten things up a little. Or perhaps it’s more appropriate to approach the subject with more sensitivity and emotion through authentic storytelling. With either approach, your video content can be as compelling as that of any other industry.

In all the above cases, Natasha can pronounce difficult medical terms and concepts with the highest level of proficiency, and present your topic in an authoritative and confident manner. If you’re injecting your ads with a little humor, or taking a more serious and moving approach she can handle that as well!  With professionalism and quick delivery of your project, Natasha can meet your voiceover needs.

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