Setting goals and what happens when you miss the mark

Setting goals and what happens when you miss the mark

“Back-to-school season” is another time when I work at measuring and setting goals. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve actually attended school, it feels like a good time to review how far we’ve come, or where we’ve fallen short.

As a general rule, we measure our money. But, do we measure the worth of our investments of time? It’s something I look at a lot and re-assess when things feel off balance…

I say, if you’ve consciously set your intention to work at what you deem worthy, then it was time well spent.

(Also, see “Time. Is it worth your investment?“)

And yet, what happens when we miss the mark? Tenaciously working at fulfilling goals and accomplishing tasks and yet, sometimes, not achieving the positive outcome for which we strive…

But, with a focused intention of working at the crossroads of our passion and our skills, then the result is…gold. As for whether something is a success or failure, that depends on what you’ve learned and if you’ve applied it.

Unrelenting, incessant, steadfast…qualities that could appear as both negative or positive…qualities of how I would describe myself in my working life… Negative, positive, take them as you may. I say neither.

I personally reflect upon my investments of time and passions and know they were, and are, for the benefit of others and for my own growth.

I highly recommend reflecting on what you’ve been investing in, what’s important to you, and whether or not those two are in alignment.

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  1. Joshua Alexander

    Here’s to GOLD! Thanks Natasha…great article!

    • admin

      Glad you connected with it, Joshua!


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