Lessons in Collaboration and Intentionality for Creating the Life You Want

Female Voice Actor Creating Her Life

Everything we do contributes to creating the life we are currently in…

I often say, look at what you are doing now and consider the trajectory it will take you to, if you continue on as you are today. For good or for bad.

Any choices we make, and those that are made when we don’t make choice, contribute to creating our lives.

One of my most significant choices is the act of collaboration. Working alongside clients, colleagues, and creative partners strengthens my sense of community. I work to  make the choice of delegation—a crucial, yet difficult step for a self-confessed control freak. I owe immense gratitude to my virtual assistants and collaborators, who prove invaluable allies in this journey.

This spirit of collaboration leads to exciting projects. In my life, it plays out like this:

– Continuing partnership with a great management team from Celia Siegel Management
– Collaborative efforts on new voice demos
– A continued collaboration with Katherine Tole on V123Pros.com.
– Working alongside Kim Wilson on our third season of our Speechless webcast and podcast.

I make a conscious effort to put “intention” into practice, discovering its remarkable potency. The act of setting intentions before taking action proves transformative. In the words of Andrea Bocelli, “All that counts in life is intention.” Intentional actions yield meaningful results.

Balancing unwavering focus with an openness to life’s opportunities is also a valuable lesson. Despite my control-oriented tendencies, I constantly strive to let life flow, revealing my true priorities and heartfelt intentions.

The choice of “leaning in” is my secret to overcoming personal obstacles. By focusing on others, actively listening, and truly hearing them, I learn to navigate moments of overwhelm and self-doubt. Clarity and forthrightness emerge as the keys to effective communication. Confidence and a positive attitude are instrumental in my journey. A solid sense of self, unburdened by insecurity or an inflated ego, proves invaluable in both life and business.

What choices are you making—or not making by not making any choice—that affect your life at the moment? If you were to look at the smallest details, I believe there are MANY opportunities for change.

Putting Love into Your Work: The Power of Intention

While recently recording a couple of scripts, I recognized how I “put love” in my recordings and what that means… Not every script is necessarily loveable, but I do treat each script with love and care. So, what the heck does that mean?!?

Integrity. I set my intention to work and read and deliver with the integrity that comes from putting my heart into my work. Otherwise, to me, there is no point in being in business.

Whether to be in best voice, to be an effective entrepreneur, or to give my best to my family, setting an intention is a remarkable tool in getting it right/putting your best foot forward/being your best self/doing the best you can/creating the life you want.

In a past blog post, Ten Top Tips for Talking, “mentally prepare” is one of my top tips. So each time I put on my headphones, move up to the mic, and listen back to a recording, I consciously intend to put out an audio file that is up to my standards.

A childhood friend of mine, Janice Dean, demonstrated this in her published children’s book series, Freddy the Frogcaster. When I read it cover to cover, and all the accompanying notes, I received a real sense of the love she put into it. While a children’s book could be potentially simplistic, Janice included such cleverness and heart. It is indeed entertaining and educational.

What this is all about is setting an intention, a way to mentally prepare. The intention of living and working with integrity has been a natural extension of who I am. However, on any given day, I consciously choose different intentions to inspire me.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur, or in voice over, or even in business, to set an intention and realize the benefits. However you walk in this world, an intention will set you on the path of your choosing.

Is there a small step you can take that will have a remarkably positive impact on your life or your business, creating the life you want? What choice did you make today towards happiness?

The food you eat or don’t eat, the sleep you got or didn’t get, the exercise you did or didn’t do, the friends you choose or didn’t choose, the relationships you invested in or didn’t invest in, the call you made or didn’t make…ALL contributing factors to your current reality.

Freelancers are a perfect example of those people taking charge of their life and making the conscious choice to create a life they want. Whether working for yourself, or someone else, our work provides an opportunity to make choices and create a daily existence that is most pleasing. Make conscious choices towards creating the life you want.

Natasha Marchewka is a full-time, female voice over talent recording work for the Marketing and Advertising of any industry. Feel free to connect with her through this website (https://natashamarchewka.com/contact/) or one of her social channels.

Natasha is also Co-Producer/Co-Host of SpeechlessVO, the Voice Over Industry Webcast and Co-Creator of V123Pros.com, a program that helps talent improve their performance on online casting.

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