Have you considered adding audio to your blog or eNewsletter?

Adding Audio to Your Content – Part One – Who?

As a voice actor, someone who uses and sells their voice for a living, showcasing my voice and having an archive of recorded blogs is an obvious choice for me. Adding audio to marketing adds to the multi-media dimension, offering readers more for engagement. Lucky for me, Linda Daley of Daley Progress has embraced my audio blogs as she is able to listen to it weekly while completing other tasks!

But adding the element of an audio file isn’t limited to voice actors. Including a voice in your content, be it a blog, newsletter, website, or social media is just smart… When you want your client or customer to have the perception of a personal connection with you, offering more of yourself, like a photo, audio greeting, or even video is another step closer to making your way into their hearts and minds.

Who might consider adding the audio element to content?

Business owners of any kind in ANY business can benefit from adding audio. Contractors to health professionals to website designers, dog groomers and more can all do with a personal and professional presentation to attract more clients.

Real Estate agents are also at the top of my list for adding a voice to marketing materials. Like the inclusion of a professional head shot, adding a voice to their website, blog, or property videos takes them to the next level in terms of personalizing their content.

Sales people and account managers could also benefit – putting a face, and voice, to their name would offer an elevated representation of themselves.

But, what if your voice isn’t amazing?

You don’t need to sound like Rick Dees to sell yourself. “Real people” voices are what you hear on the radio all the time. However, if your voice is not a good professional representation of yourself, consider hiring a Presentation Skills coach to improve your delivery OR a Voice Talent to record an attractive audio clip that would represent your business professionally.

Previously published by Daley Progress @ WorkBetterNotHarder.com – 03 31 15

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  1. Elynn

    I would love to know your rates for I am eager to hire you to create one for my own business website! I look forward to connecting with you and starting this process!
    Thank you!
    BLISS be yours,

    • natashamarchewka

      Thanks, Elynn!! Please send me your script any time!! We can discuss further… 🙂


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