Why did I bother to create a voice-over productivity course?

My voice-over productivity course and turning anxiety into productivity

My voice-over productivity course, Master VO To-Do List, was born out of several needs of mine – a need to create, to share, and to grow. It is a course that I have offered in the past, and I hope once again to offer it in the future.

I knew early on that working in voice-overs was not saving the world. I have a need to contribute and I’ve never made the real connection to my altruistic need to give and my work in voice-over. Yes, we do PSA’s. Sometimes we’ll give a voice-over away for free to a charity or to someone starting out, but to me, that wasn’t life altering generosity.

I have a belief that where our skills and passion meet, exists great success.

I looked at what I was really good at, looked at my schedule, and realized, all I could do is work on the business at hand, which included recording for clients everyday and managing my business. Working in the voice-over industry and juggling it with my lifestyle is something I’ve sweated over and succeeded at…

And, I saw a sea of voice talent who could use a leg up. Having owned my voice-over business for 15+ years, I’ve watched the industry evolve and worked my butt off to see results along the way. I thought I might start publishing my various “to-do lists” to contribute to my industry, help where I can, and make it a sustainable activity for me that may evolve and grow…

Anxiety to productivity

I realized that while I’m a very good voice talent, and a very good parent, I’m an EXCELLENT list maker (and an EXCELLENT judge, btw). Turns out, my upbringing that resulted in ongoing anxiety and consistent judging, caused me to be an obsessive list maker and a fine critic. As a result, I can churn out lists like nobody’s business and provide feedback to whoever is willing to listen.

I was faced with an offer to learn how to use the course platform, “Ruzuku”. I felt it was time to see what might evolve, if I gave it a try. As a result, and after A LOT of editing, I’ve come up with courses that allow me to give my gift of organizing, while helping others who are interested in help.

Positive intent to rise all boats

All my course offerings were a solo-pursuit and a result of personal sweat equity. I offered no memberships or hidden fees. In fact, I have made it a mission to share everything I know about other training programs and voice-over industry resources as a service to my students. I have always been happy to provide information about all the resources in the industry, to save students time in selecting their own path for education and growth.

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  1. Dave Clarke

    Hi Natasha! You are so amazing. Thank you for always speaking from your heart. I connect with you so much in that way. Thank you for putting your skills and knowledge out into the world in such a positive way. The world certainly needs more people with generous, loving spirits like yours. I am an alumnus of your course and when I find myself spinning out of control, not knowing what to do next, feeling overwhelmed, I find comfort turning back to your course and reminding myself to breathe and start planning a course to my goals for the day, the week, the month and the year. I think it’s the best way (at least for me) to not only find success in Voice Over but also in my personal life.

  2. Michael

    Keep up the good work Natasha, you are inspiring!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for commenting, Michael! Glad you find value…
      Best wishes!


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