A Curated List of our Most Popular ‘SpeechlessVO’ Webcast Episodes

SpeechlessVO Video Podcast

“Welcome to ‘Speechless’ – our behind-the-scenes take on real life in VO, where we share our stories, our resources and our unsolicited opinions!”

Since our debut episode in August 2021, Kim Wilson and I have been on quite the adventure…and we’ve been lovin’ every minute of it. From our humble webcast beginnings (with professional graphics and music intro, mind you), to having sponsors (!!) and expanding our offerings to a podcast, we are thrilled to be able to share so much with our voice over community! 

In one of our episodes, Kim expressed, “I have found the voice over community to be amazing…a million best friends right away,” and I completely agree. Over the years we both have received so much from our friends and acquaintances in the industry, and to have the chance to give back is truly a blessing.

With that in mind, I wanted to compile for you a list of our most popular episodes. Maybe there’s an episode here that you’ve missed, or that you’d like to watch again for a refresher. I especially love our episodes on casting and auditions, and it looks like our viewers agree.

Through watching these, It’s my sincere hope that you learn something new, and that you’ll grab a useful tip or two (or three!) that you can apply immediately to the next steps in your career.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and enjoy. 



The Business of VO

Tech and Tools

Top Tips

VO Life

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Thanks for watching!

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