The Easy Way to Hire a Voice Actor for Your Business

HIre a Voice Actor

The Easy Way to Hire a Voice Actor for Your Business

When you hire a voice actor for any aspect of your business, the actor becomes the voice of your business. Whether for marketing, explainer or product videos, for websites and social media, radio and TV commercials, voicemail, they represent your brand.

Hiring a voice can be affordable, or cost prohibitive, depending upon at least three variables, including who you hire to produce a project, the script lengths, and the usage of recordings.

Choosing Your Production Path

You have several options when it comes to producing content that requires a voice actor. You can hire an ad or media agency, a video production company, or a marketing company to produce everything for you. The choices and price points are endless. They will in turn, hire talent for you. However, if YOU hire the voice talent independently, you’ll save time and money. You’ll avoid the extra cost of intermediaries and the time it will take for them to find the voice. Alternatively, go directly to a Talent Agent or Manager, and they can secure their most appropriate talent for the job.

Script Length and Estimation

The script length is a crucial factor in determining the cost of hiring a voice actor. This includes both the number of words in the script and how long the script will time-out to when recorded. For example, 90 words typically equal 30 seconds of audio, but keep in mind that some scripts are read unusually slow or fast, so it may time-out differently. A voice talent can usually give you a quote or an estimate based on word count, knowing how long the recording will likely be.

Consideration of Usage

The usage of the recording also plays a significant role in pricing. A 30-second TV commercial broadcast in the Toronto market costs significantly more than a 30-second narration for your website. The exposure of the recording is considered when a voice talent quotes a script. Radio and TV rates differ dramatically, and now, even a YouTube commercial, technically called non-broadcast, is billed at yet a different rate (these are called Pre-Roll spots).

Additional Rate Considerations

Further considerations for rates are the amount of script revisions, matching the voice to video, and pronouncing technical or medical terms. These factors can all influence the final cost of your voice actor hire. Consider using the GVAA rate guide which is used by many industry professionals.

Turnaround Time

One of the key advantages of hiring a voice talent directly is the turnaround time. Typically, the turnaround is within 1-48 hours, depending on how long the script is, when it is submitted, and to whom you submit it. If you hire a voice talent directly, the turnaround can be under 48 hours. However, if you hire a video production company, who then hires talent, the voice-over may take a bit longer. If you hire an ad agency, they will hire a production company and the voice talent, and this all adds more time to the process.

Finding the Right Talent

It’s as easy as finding a talent and contacting them directly, by phone, email, or even through social media channels. A Google search can lead you to a talent online through their own website, an online marketplace, a roster, or even through an agent. Many talents make it effortless to contact either their agent or themselves directly.

Asking and Answering the Right Questions

After contacting a talent, there are some questions you’ll want to ask and answer to ensure a smooth hiring process. Here’s a checklist of questions to consider:

  1. What are the Project Details?
  • Share as many details about your project as possible.
  • Provide the final script, if available, to help the talent deliver a voice sample and estimate the project’s rate. If the script is not finalized, even an excerpt can be useful.
  1. What’s the Word Count and Length of the Script?
  • Provide the exact number of words in the script and/or the expected length of the script when recorded.
  1. What is the Usage of the Project?
  • Specify where and how the project will be used. Is it for a website, a one-time event, YouTube, or various mediums in various markets?
  1. How Will You Handle Revisions?
  • Determine your expectations regarding revisions. Are slight or major revisions expected during the project?
  1. What Budget are You Working With?
  1. What’s the Expected Turnaround Time?
  • Specify the required turnaround time for the voice recording. Is it needed within an hour, a day, a week, or a month?

Expect a Prompt Response

Expect to hear back from the talent on the same day, usually within an hour. They should provide you with a sample of your script, an estimated rate, and confirmation of the turnaround time.

The Voice Actor as Your Brand’s Voice

Remember that when you hire a voice actor for your business, they become the voice of your brand. Their ability to convey your message effectively and professionally is crucial. By following these steps and asking the right questions, you can ensure a successful collaboration with a voice actor who truly represents your business.

Hiring a voice actor can be a straightforward process when you take the direct approach. By finding the right talent and communicating effectively, you can secure the perfect voice for your project and ensure that your brand’s message is delivered with impact and authenticity.

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