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Note to my dear blog subscribers:

Many of you noticed that a blog post came out yesterday and it said, “My First Blog Post”. Thank you to those who sent me such loving support! Truth is, that blog post was re-published and sent to you in error because it was a post from 2014! I have subsequently written 160 posts. Doing a little housekeeping and it was re-published inadvertently. But, it got me thinking…

There is so much information that I’d love to share here and I’ve been contemplating blog posting again. Today, round up.

Blog posting and voiceover business themes:

Over the six-year period that I wrote blog posts, several recurring themes appeared. Here are the themes in a curated list. When you click each theme, you’ll be taken to a search in that category. Enjoy!

Speechless (Real Life in VO) Webcast:

Over the past several months, I’ve been collaborating with voice talent, Kim Wilson, creating content in the form of video, instead of written posts. We’ve come up with a fun web show that provides a behind the scenes look at what we do in voiceover, but also advice and voiceover resources that we think are vital for voice talent. From organizing a freelance business, to voiceover specific tips, we have a wonderful time sharing our experience with our audience.

Check out all episodes here.

Moving forward:

I would love to hear what past posts you like and what Speechless episodes resonate with you, so I can continue to educate and entertain my favorite audience! Feel free to comment below or on our Speechless VO Webcast on YouTube!

Keepin’ it real,


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  1. Joshua Alexander

    I’ll check these out ASAP – what a great idea to post a link to searches for ease of browsing each category! Nice. Thanks Natasha! Happy voicing!! Oh, and congrats on your first blog post, haha!! Yuk yuk yuk…


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