Do You Look Influential, Capable, Likeable?!

HEADSHOTS: How important are they?

I’ve had A LOT of headshots. Lucky for me, and you, I’ve lost my shots from the 80’s in one of my cross-country moves.

If you are building a career or a business, you need one. Our online image is highly relevant in expressing (and subjectively determining) our credibility. Yes, this is unfortunate, but proven.

CNN: Avatar, shmavatar: Online profile pics really do matter 

BUFFER: The Research & Science Behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture

A professional headshot is key on LinkedIn and on other mediums where you need a profile image. Even on personal social media, we are (definitely) judged on how we look and a competent or decent looking photo can go a long way. Despite the fact that voice talent are all about audio, having a professional headshot has always been important to me because I’ve understood the psychology of presenting a good 1st impression. (I’ve experienced being treated vastly differently because of how I looked.)

Psychology in marketing is fascinating…

I was tickled to find this really interesting website, Photofeeler, to help decipher what makes a good photo for a social media profile, especially in business. So, along with some interesting blog articles like – How to Look Smart in Photos, How to Look Confident in Photos, and even Why It Pays To Look Likeable in your LinkedIn Profile Picture (And How to Do It) – they have an amazing test feature. You submit your photo(s) and can gain votes on whether or not you look “competent”, “likeable”, and/or “influential”.

Several years ago, I tested three different photos for comparison (I’ve since updated all my branding on my website!). All three photos were taken the same day, at the same session! I wanted to use them all, but thought I would test them out at Photofeeler to find out what might work best. Of course, we need to take it all with a grain of salt, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I became slightly obsessed with finding out the results.

voice over headshots

So, believe what you will, but I integrated #2 asap, as soon as I knew what 80 random people thought. Standby for a detailed post on the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated for planning out your shoot and preparing for it… (HINT: your clothes, setting, and pose are industry specific!)

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  1. Linda Daley

    Soooo cool! Now I need some photos to try this on. Thanks!

    • admin

      Thought you’d like that app!


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