10 Ways to be a Perfect Voice-over Client


They say if you can dream it, you can achieve it. I’m a dreamer by nature. So, I hope you’ll humor me with my idea of “The Perfect Voiceover Client”.

Tongue in cheek? Perhaps. Putting my wishes out to the Universe? Indeed. With reverence to my beloved loyal clients who check off all the reasonable requests, here is my wish list…’cause you know what’s coming around the corner!

My Top 10 List

  1. reveals their budget upfront. …because knowing this avoids the dicey risk of my both over and under bidding.
  2. specifies how the audio will be used. Besides basing our rates on word count and final recorded length, the size of the broadcast audience is important in determining a fair rate.
  3. delivers a specific deadline. Without being given a deadline, I’ve been known to turnaround work in the blink of an eye, setting a high expectation, while at times turning around work slower than expected.
  4. provides plenty of turnaround time. A cushion of time allows for prioritizing instead a frenzied flurry of constant panic. While not always possible, knowing you have 3-6 hours instead of 3-6 minutes is a relief!
  5. reads through the script before they send. Ummm…yes, some people don’t do this. It’s ugly.
  6. times the script. Ever hear of putting 5lbs of “sugar” in a 2lb bag? While editing down text is a difficult proposition for some clients, the end result can often be…well, ridiculous. I’ve probably read 1000 or more scripts as fast as my little voice could carry me.
  7. offers succinct script direction. It’s always nice to find a person who knows what they want.
  8. provides pronunciations of all unusual, tricky, or local words. I’m good at knowing a lot of local words, from Albemarle to Kapuskasing to Tittabawassee, but…for as many cities as I’ve lived and learned local pronunciations, there are many more where I haven’t lived.
  9. shares exact required length of narration. When a time can be given, it can change the whole tone of the read. In a 180 word script, if it needs to be 50 seconds, 70 seconds, or right on one minute, the timing alters the whole approach and sound of the voice-over.
  10. pays immediately upon receiving voice-over. You order a meal, you pay before you leave the restaurant. You order a product that provides you same day service, why is it okay to not pay right away? Beats me.


  • Provides a finished copy of audio file…
  • Pays for revisions immediately, but doesn’t require any…
  • Provides ongoing work AND testimonials AND referrals! HEAVEN.


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  1. Mary Jane

    What a great post, Natasha. You’ve managed to educate your clients, while be entertaining and give us great insight into how you do your work. This really displays your professionalism. Thanks for this.

  2. Linda Daley

    It’s always good to know who your ideal client is… so you can recognize them when they show up!


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