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The written word can be so beautifully expressive, entertaining, and educational. However, the spoken word, and even non-verbal communication, can add so much more intent to a conversation, something that is glaringly missing in email … or even in a script. Just as a picture says a thousand words, the tone of voice says so much.

Are you able to get a “sense” of someone when you meet them, talk to them, engage with them? Whether it’s a teller, a cashier, your best friend, or your partner I know that everyone has a sense of what another person is “feeling” through their energy level and tone of voice. Are they “feeling” good? Are they having a bad day? Of course, you can tell. And, even when someone is “faking it”, many of us can “sense” that, too. Our energy level can express frustration, vulnerability, and a host of other qualities that perhaps we are looking to conceal when communicating in a business setting. Our tone of voice can frighten or inspire, alienate or engage.

When reading a voice over script, I look at what more I can bring to it. Where can I add energy, emphasis, and enthusiasm, no matter what the subject matter? The anatomy of a voiceover, from my humble perspective, include nine elements, two of which being “energy” and “tone and musicality”. To take this further, Voices.com offers “3 Simple Steps to Better Communication in Voice-Overs“. Much like any sort of acting, voice overs require specificity about who the audience is and who we represent to them. And while this is something I am clear about because it is my profession, HOW we communicate is just as important as WHAT we communicate in any given moment.

How are YOU communicating? What is the energy level of your natural voice? Do you need to adjust your energy or tone to express your intent? What verbal and non-verbal messages are you sending? I encourage you to become aware of your own energy and tone as you interact with everyone you encounter. It’s more than just words.

P.S. This blog topic is a great reason NOT to voice your own marketing videos, business presentations, and voicemail. A professional voice talent can express what you really want to say and how you want to say it. Just sayin’.

9 responses to “Are you communicating in your “business voice”?”

  1. Lisette van Raadshooven says:

    How one communicates is something that in the majority of people is not understood or is not conveyed. Too many interactions are misinterrupted and misunderstood. Energy and tone are as important as the context of the words. Thank you for writing about this topic so succinctly and intelligently.

  2. Linda Daley says:

    In the “old days” and in my old career, I had to depend on my voice A LOT more than I do now. I think my energy and enthusiasm held way more weight than my actual words back then. And, hey, the alternative was to write a 3-part memo.

  3. Great insights, Natasha. Again, our professions reflect each other. On the telephone how you say something is just as important as what you say. And that includes everything you do – from answering the phone to leaving a message for someone. Great that you are sharing this information with everyone.

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