The Best Blogs for Video Production

Interested in video production?

As a voice actor, I am extremely interested in the world of video production, as the addition of the voice plays a compelling role in the overall process. While voice over is usually the last piece of the puzzle, the development of a production has always fascinated me since before a blog was a blog…

This is a list of lists, an incredible resource of what is out there in the way of video production! The four posts below do a great job of curating the best-of-the-best:

The Top 10 ‘must read’ Blogs

And, lucky for you, I’ve checked out the four posts above and ten blogs kept being repeated as must reads, so check these out first: (in no particular order)

BONUS: Video Marketing

And, the world of video marketing is always on my mind as it relates so much to all of us as creative freelances. Check out this fantastic post: 8 of the Best Blogs & Sites to Follow about Video Marketing. So much to read, so little time…

This incredible resource of blogs have given me a world of insight and learning for my voice over business.  I hope you find it helpful. Should you have any questions about adding a voice over to your production, please contact me for any inquiries and hiring information.

(Updated from original Oct 2016)

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