5 Male Voice Actors You Need to Know

This fall, I’ve shared several posts from or about several male voice actors who are not only incredibly talented voices, but also provide other valuable services within the industry. We all have so much to read and so little time, so I’ve created a brief rundown of five favorite posts you may find interesting. It’s my pleasure to re-introduce these people to you, if you haven’t met them yet. I am both inspired and grateful to all of them.

5 Male Voice Actors You Need to Know

And, if YOU are ever interested in writing a relevant post for my blog, be it about working as a freelancer, providing a valuable resource to freelancers, or is voice-over related, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me.





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  1. Tracy Lindley

    Bravo, Natasha, thank you for sharing about these fantastic VO gentlement–you are always such a generous resource! Both talented and kind, the whole lot of em!

  2. Diana Birdsall

    Brilliant and talented men, all! Anyone working with any of these gentlemen is lucky and smart, indeed.


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