Where to find the best technical help for your voice-over business!

Finding the best technical help for your voice-over business can be daunting.  My personal favorite is V.O.B.S.  For the uninitiated, this stands for Voice Over Body Shop – a witty, weekly voice-over web show. It’s CHOCK FULL of helpful information, technical and more, for voice talent in the style of Car Talk.

V.O.B.S. (formerly EWABS – East West Audio Body Shop) has been running for over six years and is hosted by tech wizards, George Whittam and Dan Lenard, who have “…a passion for voice-over recording technology, and the desire to make recording easy for voice actors everywhere…”.

The show includes voice-over industry news, tech information, and weekly interviews with the who’s who in the industry. While the guys are technically oriented, the show is all things voice-over and a super-fun meeting place for vo geeks like me – both in their live weekly chatroom during the show and behind the scenes.

I had the privilege of going to the 6th Anniversary show earlier this month at their “secret Sherman Oaks” location. Truth is, I invited myself and was delighted to see some of my fav vo friends and we raised a glass.

If you want an overview of the voice-over industry, this weekly show is a wonderful place to start.

If you are looking for technical support for your voice over business, help with your studio, or help with your gear – CALL ONE OF THESE GUYS!!

The guys say it best about themselves:

“Co-host, producer, and technical director of VOBS, George (Whittam) is known in the voiceover industry as the “studio engineer to the stars”.  George is the Director of Technology for Edge Studio, providing technical support, studio design, consulting, and tech education to the VO community.  George graduated with a B.A. from Virginia Tech in 1997. You can also find his content online through his Whittam’s World series, via YouTube.”


“Co-host & producer, Dan Lenard, has been a radio personality, a high school Media and Social Studies teacher and is currently a freelance producer and professional voice actor. He is also a recognized industry expert and consultant in personal VO studio set–up and problem solving.  He does this specifically for voice over artists new to the industry – or experienced – but who have little or no self-recording experience. Dan is also a Founding Board Member and Vice President of Technical Standards for World-Voices Organization – an industry association representing voice actors with home studios around the world.”

Two of the best guys around, down to earth, super-knowledgeable, and with a wonderful sense of humor, they deliver the goods weekly at 6pm Pacific Time on their website VOBS.tv!

Should you need some tech help, or have questions for the show, here is their info:

theguys@vobs.tv – 818-473-8227

George Whittam – georgethe.tech

Dan Lenard – @Homstudiomanhttp://www.danlenard.com/

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