Reconsidering all things, and voiceovers

Improving Voiceover Career

We work at improving in every way, every day, and though there are waves of discouragement, there are also times for enjoying where we are, looking at how far we’ve come, and for reassessing.

Life is moving VERY fast. And as we take the bull by the horns as an entrepreneur, or simply as a human, sometimes the pace is overwhelming.

To reassess is valuable because we grow when we learn from what we’ve experienced.

A few things I’m reviewing, reconsidering, reflecting upon, and re-assessing…


I’ve been hit with a cold. I know it’s a pain for everyone, but, if you are recording your voice for a living, it is more frustrating than a leaf blower. You may have noticed an occasional theme of voice health in my blog.  This time, as every other, I’ve vitamin’d, fresh ginger tea’d, green soup and green smoothie’d, hydrated, decongested, and hydrated again, napped, fresh air’d, and rested myself…to no avail.

I’ve recorded for auditions, new clients, and favorite clients…and guess what, voice-over peeps…I keep on going. With care and “the craft”, I am still able to produce what needs to be done at my own, well-timed pace. Keep on movin’…


As a follow up to my sharing the VO Buzz weekly’s 200th episode taping (and my preparations and anxiety over it!), here is the 1 1/2hr show, in all its voice-over glory. If you are a VO talent and want to educate yourself on players in the industry, this is worthy combing through.


Had an in-depth and encouraging discussion with one of my favorite, most generous voice talent’s in the whole wide world, Richard Correll. Richard has helped me immensely with my business over the years, but we rarely, if ever, talk on the phone. With all the upgrading I’m doing with my business this year, I must admit, I have found myself re-evaluating my industry. Richard has an incredibly positive outlook and has truly created the life he wants. Not only a voice talent, but also a writer, Richard has come out with thriller, 5 Years After. I’m so impressed with his ability to do all the things that he wants to do with his life. Thanks again, Rich!


In an attempt to keep my blog relevant to my readers, I am always reading, researching, and ruminating about what I want to offer. I’ve learned poignantly from Daley Progress, eNewletter Boutique“Give readers what THEY want, not what you want to give to them.” Hmmm…

Here are three favorite recent articles I’ve been reading. I am curious to know if any of these resonate with you. Please comment at the end!

  1. 10 Simple Edits That’ll Instantly Improve Any Type of Writing
  2. This Is The Most Fun Way to Make Your Life Awesome
  3. 25 Nuggets of Essential Social Media Wisdom

This IS our life. Today. In THIS moment. NM




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