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10 Really Good Reasons to Find a VoiceOver Coach Now

Why a Voiceover Coach Can Pay Off

For the first time in the ten years I’ve been in business, I recently indulged myself in two voiceover coaching sessions in one week. My decision to have Marc Cashman as my coach was a long-time decision and deliberate plan upon my arrival to California.

Being coached exposes my vulnerabilities. I can’t deny that being open to feedback can be excruciating, despite my ironic love for it. As I open myself to constructive criticism, I invite comments that even my most critical self has not already commented on. To be honest, it felt painful.

I thought I would roll up my sleeves and get to work, rising to delicious challenges that Marc threw my way…

Instead, I felt A LOT of resistance… Stubborn thoughts that filled my mind?.. “I can’t do that.” “It’s not possible for me to change.” “How will I ever integrate this coaching information into my long-standing habitual patterns of speech?”…

I haven’t quite changed my mind about those statements and questions yet, but I do know that my coach is extremely supportive, encouraging, and reassuring. I believe I took all his advice to heart and managed to change some patterns quickly, even if ever-so-slightly.

What I DO know is that I have a penchant for improvement. Always have. I look forward to stretching and strengthening next year, on all levels. I have big plans for the next year. I’m movin’ on up!*(click for a blast from the past!)

If you are considering a coach of any kind, here are some great reasons to go for it:

  1. To change long-standing, bad habits
  2. To reach a goal
  3. To be inspired
  4. To learn something new
  5. To improve both strengths and/or weaknesses
  6. To gain a new perspective
  7. To achieve different results
  8. To gain a sense of accomplishment
  9. To evolve and grow
  10. To take yourself to another level

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