How to be a Vocal Health Ninja

It’s that time of year when the focus is on staying well, avoiding illness…  my kid’s schools used to have a Valentine’s Day dance and every year, my daughter missed it resentfully due to illness. Like clockwork, both my kids have just been sick and I’d like to PROUDLY say, I’ve avoided it. Vocal Health Ninja!

Voice Talent, Dave Courvoisier writes parents off, tongue in check, in this voice-over wellness post saying that “if you have school aged children…you’re screwed”. Well, yes, it’s a major challenge, but I have a business to run… I need to do EVERYTHING in my power to stay healthy.  (I’ve written about vocal health previously in “How Not to be Unwell” and “Voice Health Musts & Mustn’ts“.)

How did I avoid illness this go around? The obvious and the not-so-obvious…

Sleep Hygiene – I go to sleep at almost the same time every night and need 8 1/2 hours, without question. Arianna Huffington has created a whole corporation, Thrive Global, based on wellness (and getting enough sleep) and I applaud her. Simple premise. Dramatic results.

Nutritious diet – I swear by the programs run by Prescribe Nutrition. In short, you integrate tons of healthy food and avoid dairy, gluten, and sugar. I feel like a million bucks when I follow their protocol.

Fresh air, exercise & vitamins – Really, no need for explanation here!

Fresh Ginger Tea – Avoiding illness or getting back on your feet, I absolutely swear by consuming fresh ginger or making a tea out of it. Here is some in-depth info on the powers of ginger. Here is my recipe: Slice up 1 to 2 inches of fresh ginger. Boil in 4-8 cups of purified water. Simmer as long as you like (will get spicier the longer it sits). Add honey, cinnamon, and lemon to taste.

Vocal Immunity Blast – I found this one from voice talent and coach, and VO Peeps founder, Anne Ganguzza. I roll it on my wrists and ankles when ANYONE in my house feels like they are coming down with something. Then I make them apply it, too. You can buy it here.

Eucalyptus Oil – This can be purchased at most drug stores. I put a few drops in the bath or ON the bathtub if I’m running the shower as an immunity aromatherapy. Here is some in-depth info about the beneficial attributes of Eucalyptus Oil.

Massage the thymus – To activate the thymus (a lymphoid organ that produces T cells for the immune system), a gentle upper-chest massage also works for me, when I feel like I’m fighting illness. The massage stimulates the immune system. I do this the moment I feel anything coming on, especially when I don’t have access to any other of the above tools. Read this step-by-step article to understand what I mean.

If you need to get serious about staying healthy, this is where to start! If you have more troublesome issues, I support you in digging deeper and finding solutions.





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