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How to receive the best possible service from a voiceover actor

Need a voiceover actor to get it right the first time?

Like the Boy Scouts, working with a voiceover actor, especially for the first time, requires you to “be prepared”. Before you engage a talent you need to sort out your own needs. What are your technical and creative requirements for the project? What is your deadline? How will you arrange payment? Is your script ready, I mean REALLY ready, to go?

Some things to think about:

Grammar, spelling, punctuation – Is your script well written? Does is still need editing? Are you proud to have the script represent you or your company?

Pronouncers – Are there any tricky or regionally pronounced words? Can you provide a sample? (More on that here.)

Brief direction – What voice type do you need? Who is the audience? What style of read? (And, more on that here.)

Length of recording – Do you need a precise 29 second recording, for example, or is there freedom in duration? (The pace and word count will dictate this!)

Deadline – When do you need the voice file returned? What does urgent mean in your context? (Everyone’s idea of urgent is different.)

Communicating – Do you need to make a phone call, write an email, or IM your expectations?

Usage – Where and how will the audio file be used? Broadcast, non-broadcast – tv, radio, internet, website, conference, etc…

Technical requirements – Do you need an mp3, .wav, or .aif? Mono or stereo? Where do you need audio delivered – by email, Dropbox, ftp? Especially for voicemail, lots of detail is needed here.

Payment – Are you able to pay upon receiving service? Are there company or tax forms that the talent need fill out?

If you want to take your project to the next level, start with the list above to guide you there and to achieve the best results!




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  1. Linda Daley

    Wow, that’s a lot to think about. What a great checklist for new clients.

  2. Lisette van Raadshooven

    Love your ongoing blogs with your knowledge of expertise and thoroughness. Sharing your advice is generous and helpful for those starting out in business. Bravo!

  3. Elynn

    I am so looking forward to being able to hire you, Natasha,
    to create an online voiceover for my website!

    Please email me your current rates at your convenience.

    Thank you.

    BLISS be yours,

  4. Mary Jane Copps

    This is a great checklist, Natasha. Thanks for providing it. I’d enjoy further posts focusing on each one of these. I suspect you have a good story or two from your career that would illustrate each of these items. That would certainly help me remember. Really enjoy your posts.


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