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How much does a voice-over cost?

How much does a voice-over cost?

The rate you pay for a voice-over (commercial, corporate, and more) depends on what you need. A voice-over cost and the types of voice-over projects are vast. Some are paid by word, by minute, by session time, and all are paid by “usage”.

I generally charge for voice-overs by project. However, I am on monthly retainer and also provide monthly billing, for ongoing clients.

Because voice talent are independent contractors, both union and non-union, rates will vary. What you want to be most wary of is inexperienced talent offering inexpensive rates because…

cheap = expensive

To know you are on track, talent worthy of hiring will have rates that are all around the same ball-park. Where the rate discussion is complex is in the usage of the voice recording because of the diversity of work for voice-over professionals. From voicemail and local commercials to big brands broadcasting on national TV or advertising on YouTube, the scope and breadth of work is remarkable.

Is your project a one-time event? Will the voice be used on a video that runs in perpetuity? Are you selling to a small town or a tri-state area? Are you using it as a paid ad or for social sharing? There are endless questions to be asked about usage.

A voice talent can provide you with an estimate, if you are able to answer the following questions…

Can you answer these questions?

1 – What is the script being used for?
2 – What is the word count for the final script? (approximation, if necessary)
3 – Where and how long will it be presented?

The Global Voice Acting Academy Rate Guide has recently become a standard that many voice talent look at to set their rates.

“Everyday” voice-over actors work with a client’s budget to the best of their ability. Always keep in mind that you are not simply paying for a recording on an mp3 or wav file, but also for: a quality studio, a skilled and trained talent, and basic audio editing, at the very least. Remember: cheap = expensive, so shop around to ensure you will receive what you really need!

More detailed questions on rates? Please contact me and I’ll answer asap!



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