Voice over insight: Why you should attend an industry conference

Voice Over Conferences: Why? What? Where? When?

Lots going on in the voice acting industry including a line up of voice over conferences that is growing and, I’m betting, will continue to grow…

Why network with your peers and, essentially, your competition? For the most part, when going to an industry function, most of the people ARE NOT your competition. They are not YOU. We have our unique way of being and doing. Walking in with that attitude welcomes connections with EVERYONE. Still, the attendees are those who do what you do everyday and generally live the same lifestyle as you. As a result, you receive A LOT from interacting for:

  • -support, empathy, understanding your business issues
  • -resources, in order to raise your own game and raise the bar
  • -educating you as to where you stand
  • -providing community

Sage advice about attending a conference of any kind

  1. How to prepare for a conference? 30 Conference Tips
  2. From Kelly Services: 7 Things to do After a Business Conference

Preparing for a voice over convention?

What exactly is a VO conference? Why should you attend? What can you leave with that you didn’t have when you arrived? How do you choose which conference to attend? And how can you make the most of the connections that you make? – Backstage

  1. How to choose an industry conference?  Here are Kelly Butrick’s Ideas: 5 Questions to ask
  2. What to do after a conference? Rob Marley has a good round up of ideas: You’re Home now after the Big Conference
  3. From BackStage:  Voiceover Conferences Are an Integral Part of a Successful Career

(Check out my VO Resources page regularly for updated events and suggested resources.)



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