Interested in Voice Acting? Here Are Some Tips

Voice Acting Tips

I’ve been holding out on you.

While I have worked at providing many resources to voice-over hirers and voice talent alike, I’ve failed to mention someone who deserves much adulation. If you are interested in working in voice-over at all, I must introduce you to Mr. Mike Lenz

Mike touts himself as: …an entrepreneur, professional voice actor, audio book narrator, author, podcast host, husband and father.  

I can tell you, Mike is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and he has a goldmine of information. He’s written a book called “Paid to Talk“, created an online course for those interested in voice acting, and hosts a bi-weekly podcast that is full of rich information – any time, energy, or money you spend on Mike’s coaching or products is well worth it! (I am not selling his products or services. I am not an affiliate. I am a bonafide fan and cheerleader.)

Most remarkable is Mike’s Podcast called, “The Mike Lenz VO Podcast“. The list of illustrious voice actors and professionals interviewed in the podcast is impressive, to say the least. If you want to start getting to know who’s who in the voice acting world, start here!

So many people say they want to investigate working in voice-over. Mike’s site, his podcast, and his course are the absolute perfect places to start.

Mike’s ebook, Paid To Talk, is available on, his podcast, Mike Lenz Voice – A Journey Into Voice Acting, can be heard on iTunes and his online course, 5 Steps To Start (and Grow) Your Voice-Over Career,  can be found at  Mike also offers one-on-one consulting sessions for aspiring voice actors.  Mike is passionate about sharing stories from amazing and inspiring people from all areas of the voice-over industry, as well as sharing his insights with aspiring voice actors around the world. Mike lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with his wife and 4 children (and 2 cats, 1 dog, and 4 chickens…)



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  1. Tracy Lindley

    Thank you for sharing Mike’s story and valuable resources, Natasha! I continue to enjoy his podcast—it is such a gift to the voiceover community! You are always thinking of others, and this blog is no different. Thank you for continuing to add value to the community through your beautiful writing 🙂

    • admin

      Thank YOU for turning me onto his brilliance! I knew his name, but not all the gifts he brings to the world.


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