6 Problems I Can Solve for Video Producers

If you are a producer, a marketing manager, or a creative services professional, you may have problems specific to your business and the hiring of voice talent.


Historically, quality, established voice talent have only been accessible through agents and union affiliations. From auditioning to completing the work, talent and clients needed to congregate in the same city at a high-end recording studio, with the cost of the engineer and studio, agent and agency, added to the bill.


While the costs of hiring a voice talent aren’t what they used to be necessarily, the floodgates have opened. There is a glut of voices in the industry as recording at home has become viable for everyone. And, the talent pool has now been flooded by…everyone.

So now, we face a new landscape filled with possibilities and pitfalls…

Are any of these YOUR problems?

  • Contracts and layers of people involved in hiring voice talent, not to mention extraneous costs, are slowing down your workflow.
  • You’ve been to the voice over online marketplace and there is a deluge of voices that aren’t hitting the mark.
  • Voice over production is costing your company too much.
  • Your project started out in another language and now the translation to English is sounding a little clunky and needs streamlining.
  • You’ve put in a ton of time and effort into your video project. Time is up and you still need to add a voice-over! You need a good voice, FAST!

Hiring a voice talent directly, one with a professional quality studio, could be the answer to your problems. Great turnaround, quick accessibility, and affordable rates, are a few reasons to try out a talent first hand. Researching voices, their experience, their studio equipment, their client lists are crucial, but a small price to pay for the rewards.

Further benefits to hiring directly include:

  • 24/7 service you don’t find hiring talent through go-betweens.
  • Communicating one-on-one with someone familiar with the industry, a failing of some voice marketplace websites.
  • No extra fees for dealing with extra people.
  • Immediate response to questions, revisions, additional direction by speaking directly with talent.
  • The ability to see a talent’s experience and history online, without the veil of secrecy.

(Here’s a post on how to have voice talent provide you the best possible product and service.)

5 Benefits of hiring me specifically: (Plus, here’s 12 more GREAT reasons!)

  • You’re hiring someone with an interest in completing the project with integrity.
  • Smoothing out grammar is a service I provide that will simply integrate with workflow.
  • You’ll receive impeccable files. Time Saver.
  • Delivery is faster than you imagined.
  • I’m a good listener… and able to take direction and integrate it immediately.

If you have a script and you are thinking of adding a voice, you are welcome to send it to me (natasha@natashamarchewka.com) for an estimate and a complimentary voice sample! If I’m not the right sound for you, I can often refer you to other outstanding talent!



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  1. Lisette

    Natasha, love your blogs. The page is beautiful and fun to look at and your material makes so much sense and provides so much helpful info. Thanks for your honesty and at your down-to-earth delivery. So good!!

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