Working from home in Winter.

work from home in winter

A Nova Scotia Winter

My dear associates at CTV Northern Ontario are no stranger to the sights of what I’m seeing today in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I feel a little conflicted sharing any complaints at all, when I know the snow banks in Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins, Sudbury, and North Bay must be higher than our 6 foot banks. However, today must have seen THE most snow in one day, since I moved here. As a Maritime location, Halifax has a reputation for rain, freezing rain, ice pellets…you get the picture. But Mother Nature has provided quite the blast this winter and this March Break in Nova Scotia has been exceptional.

While everyone is either digging out or snuggling in, what is a voice over gal doing today? Recording for clients in India, Ontario, and Atlanta, writing scripts, Mail Chimp, iContact, billing, taxes…well, I haven’t actually gotten to taxes yet…but, it’s only 4pm Atlantic time. No rest for the wicked, as they say… (why DO they say that?)

So, what do the sound of the cat scratching in his litter box, my husband shoveling the porch, furnace noises, and my kids feet all have in common? They are all sounds that make recording extremely challenging! Everyone home means recording between noises!

A little cabin fever over here, but hope I’ve brought some levity to your day. Look at these pictures of my next door neighbor in two stages of digging out her two cars from her driveway. Can you find two cars? Or any cars?!


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(Note:  I’ve since moved to sunny California! Not really missing those snowfalls.)



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