Help with hydration.

Due to my half-hearted efforts to drink enough water, I am never quite hydrated enough as evidenced by the mouth “clicks” I hear in my recordings. I’ve heard someone call them the dandruff of voice actors. Thankfully, clicks can be edited out now with new technology.

Being well hydrated is therefore always important to me for recording clearly and is my 4th tip from my 10 Tips for Talking. However, staying hydrated is not just for voice talent…no, no! Water is for everyone, despite what some water bottling companies will have you believe.

Here are some personal pointers on how not to dehydrate:

  1. Drink a large glass of lukewarm water with lemon upon waking.
  2. Have water or herbal tea as your “coffee” break beverage.
  3. Keep water at your desk to sip virtually unconsciously.
  4. Don’t overdo caffeine or alcohol – both are dehydrating.
  5. Drink water before meals, not during. (This helps with nutrient absorption and digestion.)
  6. Eat water rich foods to up the ante.
  7. Reduce preservatives, chemicals, and salt which also dehydrate.
  8. Add stuff to water to make it appealing (non-chemical, of course) like cucumber, lemon, or berries.
  9. Check your pee! It should be clear-ish. Dark yellow means you’re dehydrated.

Here are some other helpful resources for why and how much water:

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  1. Linda Daley

    OK I have to admit that I’m not likely to give up my coffee any time soon. But I have started to drink a half a glass of water as I’m making my next coffee. haha

  2. Lisette van Raadshooven

    Tash, wonderful advice! These helpful hints and info about “clicks” are so important although many people, in particular the older generations, have difficulty in believing that water is vital. More people should be putting it out there, that health is dependent on water. Thanks!

    • natashamarchewka

      Thanks for the supportive comments, as usual! I wonder if “clicks” could be construed as problems of any sort… hmmm…


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