What would you do for money?

My husband was teasing me recently about a client I was working for…chortling about the company I keep, so to speak. Medication for crusty elbows to loans from questionable banks and even non-narcotic herbs, I’ve written and recorded a lot of material that I wouldn’t necessarily buy into myself. As “the queen of retail voiceovers“, as I lightly call myself, there is only one script I have ever turned away, uncomfortable about selling the product.

It comes down to a question of integrity. Integrity – I do love that word because, despite human mistakes I have made along the way, I always earnestly carry the intention of integrity.

“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.”

Miyamoto Mushashi

Very rarely do I consider my reputation when recording material. My name is never associated with my voice overs and, unless I somehow become famous, it never will be. In my case, only my friends recognize my voice in one particular market. I’m as good as anonymous 99% of the time. My professional reputation behind the scenes, however, is much more important, which means completing a job reliably, efficiently, and effectively, no matter what the product.

So, what will I not do? Steroids. Literally and otherwise… Some things just aren’t worth the money.

Anything you’ve done that makes you look back and laugh…?




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  1. cherylphipps

    I decided I wouldn’t do a commercial for a controversial diet pill that was in the news because there were findings that it might be harmful.

  2. Lisette van Raadshooven

    Good for you! Integrity is foremost. Money comes and goes, self-pride is built over a lifetime.


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