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Are you enough?

I’m not naïve about the fact that I am dispensable as a voice actor and…yes, as a mother.

As a voice talent, I am one small fish in a very big pond and am well aware that many other voice actors could fill my shoes in a heart-beat.

As a mother, it HAS occurred to me that I’m also replaceable.  Millions of others do what I do and could indeed replace me on any given day.

So what in the world makes me so special or unique?

Well, perhaps it’s not that I’m special at all, but that I am working – I am working at fulfilling my responsibilities, as a parent and as a business owner, with conscientiousness and care, and attention to detail.  Perhaps being the best, or a standout, or indispensable is not the point, but to simply do what we do because we are humans at work…like a colony of persistent ants working towards a worthy goal…each fulfilling our purpose.

So, while we all try to excel and standout, maybe just doing what we do…is enough…



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  1. Mary Jane Copps

    Wow … Natasha you’ve said a lot in very few words! As I read this post I had an immediate defensive reaction, got ready to write you back “no one can replace you as a mother”, but then I kept reading and you revealed this lovely human philosophy of accepting ourselves and our abilities and our “work”. Thank you for sharing this!

    • natashamarchewka

      ‘You alone are enough’ is a mantra I subscribe to and strive to remember. Simple, yet easily lost. So glad it was crystal clear! 😉


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