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Apr 2014

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When interpreting a voice-over script, I always need to take into consideration any direction I am given.  Before uttering a word, I scan the script for direction details.

For example, a client might simply write “happy, upbeat”, or “with a smile”, or “testimonial style”.  These are all very easy to fulfill.  I welcome the opportunity to interpret the direction to the best of my ability.

Sometimes, I am given no direction at all, but am simply forwarded a script.  I quite love that.  I am given the freedom to decipher it myself.  I always look at the advertiser, take into consideration the product, how the script is written – the words and punctuation used, and anything else that might give a signal as to the point of the commercial or video. While one could potentially perceive a script several ways (occasionally I will give 2 or 3 very diverse choices), I tend to simply give it my best interpretation.

However, occasionally direction is quite elaborate.  Example…

The audience are golfers (from 15 – 65) women and men. For the artistic direction – express the right emotions while reading the texts and keep the timing (30 secs);  For the Introduction part, use a friendly tone; For the Problem part, use a concerned tone; For the Solution part, use a higher tone (maybe more amusing and happy); Special Requests – Keep the timing as written in the sample script.

HAHAHA!! WOW!  I am far more apprehensive to voice a script offering a lot of seemingly helpful information, than none at all. The pressure to get the direction correct, remembering the changing instructions while I’m invested in reading the script, is actually a big distraction!

In a business all about words, sometimes you say it best, when you say nothing at all.

8 responses to “Best script direction!”

  1. Lisette van Raadshooven says:

    Good for you Tash. Voice overs are akin to acting and the interpretation in your field will make or break the message. Your innate ability is your success.

  2. Really enjoy reading about the research and thought you put into your work, Natasha. You are offering all of us a great education here. And so much of it is aligned with what I do. And … I’m a big fan of Alison Kraus! mj

  3. Linda Daley says:

    You’ve hit on an important point for all of us ‘creatives’: too much direction can be stifling. I’m finding your articles so interesting because you’re giving me a peek into an industry I know nothing about, yet sharing stories I can relate to. Kudos, Natasha!

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