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Voice over mast list

You have your own business. You have literally a million things to do to manage and market your business… and don’t know where to start?

For the next year, I’ll walk you through all the tasks to consider to pull your business together, get on track, and keep your ducks in a row. To get started on your own master to do list, take some time to write out the answers to these questions:


  1. Does your equipment need updating?
  2. Is your health a factor in your business? What are you doing to take care of it?
  3. Do your creative skills need a workout or could you stretch artistically in new directions?
  4. How is your portfolio and/or demo looking and/or sounding? Do they need updating?
  5. Do your promo photos need updating? Do you have any and do you need any?
  6. How does your website hold up? Do you need to update it?
  7. Do you have blog posts that can be re-purposed or improved for SEO?
  8. Have you collected testimonials for your business? Where can you be placing them?
  9. What ARE your services? Have you written them out? Updated them lately?
  10. Do you have a list of your skills? Why should you? Where should they be?
  11. When’s the last time you updated your Bio and/or Resume? It is relevant as a creative person?
  12. Do you have a Logo? Should you? Have you collected your clients’ logos?
  13. Do you have an eSignature? Does it need some improvement?


  1. What are you doing to manage your client database? Is it updated on a regular basis? Do you need to consider a CRM?
  2. Do you have a New Client Procedure? Is it time to create a routine around setting up and welcoming new clients?
  3. Do you need Standard Operating Procedures?
  4. What systems do you have in place for your daily work flow? Should you include tracking your business?


  1. Are you managing your client relationships? What are you doing to strengthen those relationships?
  2. What is your plan for email marketing and building your list of leads this year? Do you have goals in this regard?
  3. What are you considering for Social Media this year? Is it worth your time? Do you have a routine?
  4. Do you have a marketing plan for inbound and outbound marketing? Do you know your best options?

If you’ve previously addressed everything in this list, you are well on your way to running a well-oiled machine. Great! Do your assets and systems need auditing? Of course they do! Does this list provide you with some tasks to complete this year? Great. Let’s get started! Happy 2018!!

(If you are a working voice actor, you may be interested in my upcoming Master VO TO DO List program that starts Feb 1/18, and runs through the month of February. Please click course title for more information.)

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  1. Linda Daley says:

    A great resource for any type of biz!

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