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I’ve been blogging for several years. Despite naysayers saying that blogging for voice-over is superfluous, plus, all the competition, I keep on keepin’ on. But, I welcome unsubscribes. Why?

I am blogging for, what I feel, are all the right reasons:

  • -to have content and share, reaching my clients regularly in order to stay top-of-mind,
  • -to express my brand and image through my words and stories,
  • -for SEO content (debatable, but I believe it’s a worthy effort), and
  • -to use as a creative outlet – it makes me happy.

So why in the world do I welcome people from unsubscribing from my blog?

If my message doesn’t resonate with someone, if they are not interested in reading my writing, I don’t want them on my list. I want a robust list that includes people who are interested in what I have to say.

Whether a beloved client who I’d like to stay in touch with and even better, offer valuable information, a “voiceoverist” who wants to stay in the loop and keep up on some industry information, or even friends and family, who will read through my stories, some personal information.

Not for you? It’s okay with me. 🙂


So I was curious how many other voice-over artists were blogging…still. About seven years ago, it was a popular activity. I’ve scanned SEVERAL, LONG voice-over blog lists and clicked HUNDREDS of links (UGH!) to voice talent bloggers.  Only about 5% of the links work. FIVE PERCENT!  It seems blogging for voice talent is not appealing anymore for marketing efforts, perhaps unsustainable, and possibly out of style…

Blogging definitely takes tenacity and I hold those in high esteem who can maintain consistency and focus. Hear! Hear! …to those on this list… turns out, we are now the minority. Good for us for hanging in!

Here is a thorough, up-to-date, list of current, worthy, blog and vlog posters in the voice-over industry, individuals, and organizations:

Bobbin Beam     Bodalgo     Cartoon Voice Talent Blog     Connie Terwilliger

Dan Friedman     Dan Hurst     Dan O’Day     Dave Courvoisier     Debbie Grattan

Dr. Ann Utterback     Edge Studio     GVAA     Hugh P. Klitzke     Karen Commins

J. Christopher Dunn     J. Michael Collins     James Arnold Taylor     Lisa Rice

Marc Cashman     Marc Scott     Mike Lenz     Natasha Marchewka

Paul Strikwerda     Peter OConnell     Rob Marley     Sound Advice     Such A Voice

Susan Berkeley     Tom Dheere     Victoria DeAnda     Voiceover Canada

Voiceover Herald     VoiceRegistry Blog    Vox Daily

If you’re not included in this list and you are outputting blog posts consistently (at least monthly for 2+ years), please contact me and I will add you!

Interested in receiving my blog posts in your inbox bi-weekly? Please sign up here: http://natashamarchewka.com/sign-up/. If not, ‘sah-right!

(Please see http://natashamarchewka.com/resources/ for the blog roll, as well.)

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