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Voice Actor Mom

Sometimes I feel like a terrible Voice Actor Mom.

With a voice over business at home, there are times I sit, feeling guilty, in my studio thinking I could be interacting with my kids, listening to them read, or helping them with an activity.  Instead, I make them their afternoon snack, put on a moderately educational show, and make use of the 30-60 minutes I have while they are quietly zoned out on the tube.  Or, I put them to bed and tell them I can only lie with them for FIVE minutes because I have to record.  And, not my highest moments, I yell at them to be quiet because I NEED TO RECORD!!!…

Then, I breathe… and remember that I get to be home with them.  I get to meet them as they get off the bus and I happily make them something to eat after school.  Put them to bed and lie with them for FIVE minutes, and usually more.  Teach them what it means to have your own business, to be employed at something out-of-the ordinary, and most of the time, to manage your life and not let it manage you as a capable parent AND professional.

Every now and then, I bask in the glow of what I have created in my life – an opportunity to be available to my children and to operate a fulfilling, successful business on my own terms.  Voice Actor Mom. Yes, mother, parent, and work-at-home freelancer is a possibility, I totally recommend.

4 responses to “Voice Actor Mom: Is it feasible to be a professional Voice Actor and an amazing Mom?”

  1. Rose Helmer says:

    Wow. That really touched me. Life is so different than it used to be. It is busier , more confused but I believe to give our kids the whole truth of life we have to be true to ourselves and in that we can give even them even more. I admire you. Love Rose

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