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This year, I’ve given my entire voiceover business a total overhaul. Earlier in the year, I called it #VOUpgrade2016. I wasn’t kidding. Once you start, its like peeling an onion… oh, the layers!

The Studio

There was a lot of experimenting, learning, equipment returns, and taking two steps back to take one step forward. Most notable is the studio. Going from a dynamic microphone (normally used for radio and TV) and moving to a shotgun condenser mic, is a game changer for me and had its growing pains. After several mic exchanges, I’m set – a Sennheiser 416. It’s the current gold standard for many big name voice talent. I continue to learn the nuances of this microphone everyday.

My other major investment / best friend is my StudioBricks booth, shipped from Spain and reverently put together in my office space. I am indeed truly in love with it. Other purchases include a Yamaha AG03 Mixer (to replace my loyal, but now way old M-Audio interface), editing software Adobe Audition (replaced my beloved Sony Soundforge), plus, various accouterments to outfit the booth from bass traps to stands to appropriate sized furniture.


Further to outfitting my new studio, I did A LOT of learning this year, thanks in part to my move to Southern California. From private, commercial coaching sessions with Marc Cashman, to consultations with other experts in my field, I tested the waters with many experts.

The one advisor who stood out the most, not only because of the vast resources he provides, but also because he is one of the most generous, lovely people I’ve met: Larry Hudson. A talented and prolific voice actor, Larry has several offerings in his VO Heaven arsenal, providing personal technical consultations, running weekly voiceover workouts through VO Heaven (likely my best investment all year), his audio editing courses, and more.

You can read about other consultants I worked with here.  And, read all about VO Mastery and That’s Voiceover here, two voiceover conferences I attended.

Online Marketing

New photos, a new monthly newsletter with help from Daley Progress, a new website by Digital Centrics, and an exciting VoiceZam Demo player (with SEO capabilities!) …all that, and a great session with voice talent and LinkedIn guru, Tracy Lindley, have got me seriously set for 2017. After 11 years with my own business, it was time I really took care of business. 

“The strongest factor for success is self-esteem. Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.”

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