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Stuff you need to know if you are running your Voice-Over business Careful what you post? Social Media Etiquette Can you actually work better, not harder? A savvy networking & publicity tactic from a 12-year-old girl How to be #Productive During a Vacation Tax Time: Expense Hints for Creative Freelancers beyond the basics 3 Steps to a Truly Effective To Do list Financial Planning and Prioritizing Tips for Small Business Owners – Guest post by Jim McKinley Do You Have a “New Client” Procedure? Here’s a checklist for you. What to do to prepare for profile pics and headshots Is[...]

Guest Post by Jim McKinley, Financial Expert: As a small business owner you are adept at your trade, but you might need help handling finances. Follow these tips to ensure you are planning and prioritizing properly. Organizing money.  Organizing your funds will help you budget and keep on top of your bills. Separate accounts.  According to the experts at Forbes, your first priority should be maintaining completely different accounts for personal versus business funds.  Things can get confused quickly. Having separate pockets helps simplify bookkeeping. Hire an accountant.  Accountants know tax laws and money management, and can help you find deductions[...]

Let's talk about freelancing! Not for the faint of heart, a freelance career is LOADED with benefits. Voice Acting and owning a Voiceover Business is the ultimate freelance life. My favo(u)rite company on the planet right now is Freshbooks, an accounting and invoice software company that is blazing a trail of incredible customer service. They put together the infographic below about the life of a freelancer and I thought it apropos to everything I do. I've added my commentary on their points relating to the field of voiceovers. Before you Embark - not sure about their list of must-have's, but the grab bag of[...]

Jul 2015

Moving. Moving. Moving…I believe it is my destiny to move, like a gypsy, from home to home, city to city… Though enamored by the romanticism of a gypsy, you would never likely guess that is who I am. A (somewhat reluctant) resident of the suburbs, someone who likes to dig in, a homebody… Through destiny and fate, I happened to marry someone who is also destined to move frequently. Here I am, in my new home in California. Studio up. No furniture yet. And, INCREDIBLY blessed. My business of voice-overs allows me to flexibly work ANYWHERE! Working from home isn’t without[...]

Jul 2015

[gallery ids="574,1396,1397,1400,1401,578"] Working from home in the best neighbourhood of all Working as a voice-over talent from my home for ten years has allowed me to live a very flexible life. That’s fortunate, because in twenty two years, my husband and I have moved about nine times, but not just across town. We tend to go to the extreme, moving thousands of miles each time – Toronto to Vancouver to New York to California to Ontario to Grand Cayman to Nova Scotia. And, since we were way out on the Atlantic Coast, our next move would naturally be 1000’s of miles back[...]

Mar 2015

My dear associates at CTV Northern Ontario are no stranger to the sights of what I’m seeing today in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I feel a little conflicted sharing any complaints at all, when I know the snow banks in Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins, Sudbury, and North Bay must be higher than our 6 foot banks. However, today must have seen THE most snow in one day, since I moved here three years ago. As a Maritime location, Halifax has a reputation for rain, freezing rain, ice pellets…you get the picture. But Mother Nature has provided quite the blast this winter[...]

When we first bought our home two years ago this week, my husband had the privilege of selecting and buying a home without my seeing it. When he saw the home on his visit to Nova Scotia, Canada from Grand Cayman, he knew instantly that it was the right one. Back in Cayman, I was excited to know that he managed to find something comfortable and appropriate for our family within the limitation of his two week re-con trip. However, when I saw the photos and realized that, like Harry Potter, I was relegated to a space under the stairs…I[...]

I am going to touch on something so precious to me that I could write an epic book about it. It is something that we all share equally – not one person on this planet is given more than another and yet it is a resource so valuable that it truly is priceless. It is...time. I’ve always had a sense of the value of my time and understood that where we invest it demonstrates our priorities. It can be eye-opening to share one’s priorities, do the math as to where we actually spend our time, and realize what has taken over as priority, given the[...]

Mar 2014

When talking about feedback in the realms of audio, we are all familiar with what that sounds like!  In regards to feedback from our clients or boss, or friends and family for that matter, it’s a very different thing, but it can sometimes sound as excruciating! Personally, I LOVE feedback… the verbal kind, that is.  This could be a result of growing up in a family where everything was judged, for good or for bad...you become addicted to it.  Even as a very young child, I would ask at the dinner table, “How am I doing, Oma?”  That was a bit[...]

Voice Actor Mom

Sometimes I feel like a terrible Voice Actor Mom. With a voice over business at home, there are times I sit, feeling guilty, in my studio thinking I could be interacting with my kids, listening to them read, or helping them with an activity.  Instead, I make them their afternoon snack, put on a moderately educational show, and make use of the 30-60 minutes I have while they are quietly zoned out on the tube.  Or, I put them to bed and tell them I can only lie with them for FIVE minutes because I have to record.  And, not my[...]

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