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Apr 2015

Reading a great post from fellow voice talent, Paul Strikwerda, led me to learn about World Voice Day. An annual event, it celebrates and highlights all things “Voice”, that is, vocal health and the power of the instrument that is our voice. Intrigued by the idea, I found lots of interesting information and offer you a concise version of what World Voice Day encompasses… From world-voice-day.org: The general idea underlying the World Voice Day is to demonstrate to the general public that Voice Matters. 2015 the motto is – VOICE, The Original Social Media. The strategy is to arrange a global celebration in terms of an impressive[...]

Mar 2015

Whether for a speech or consistently better communication skills, good posture and breathing technique top my list for improving your personal presentation.  Here are my six points from my post, "All the Way" for your reference: Posture and breathing Volume and projection Mental attitude, focus, and intention Physical gestures Script pacing, conversational and natural tones Imagery, word emphasis, and "throw away" phrases Looking at #1 today, leaving breathing for another post (figuratively!)… Turns out, good posture isn't just great for vocal delivery. As a Yoga Teacher, I've learned much about posture and what is best for keeping ourselves in best health. Yes, posture does affect your health. (Think[...]

If forty four years of life have taught me anything, it's that remaining calm is one of the most helpful things we can do for ourselves and others. Aside from the fact that it helps me daily in my business, there ain't no one that can't be helped with a cooler vibe, if you know what I mean. Maintaining calm is beneficial to our overall health. A calm mind and body allows our body to function optimally and heal continuously. In my Ten Top Tips for Talking, "staying calm" is right up there with staying hydrated and avoiding illness. If you are[...]

Continuing my occasional theme of aiming for good health, one of my Ten Top Tips for Talking, I'm always trying to gather more information on building a strong immune system. I do believe that while it is extremely important for me in my job, it's important for everyone. Here are 12 tips for avoiding illness in random order: Take vitamins – multi, Omega 3, vitamin D – and probiotics Sleep consistently, sleep enough Avoid stress Eat 5-9 servings of Fruit and Veg per day Add fresh ginger to your meals and/or beverages Add more green vegetables in your diet Drink warm water with lemon[...]

Oct 2014

Due to my half-hearted efforts to drink enough water, I am never quite hydrated enough as evidenced by the mouth "clicks" I hear in my recordings. I've heard someone call them the dandruff of voice actors. Much of the time, I edit out the clicks, but sometimes they are within a word itself and impossible to remove. Being well hydrated is therefore always important to me for recording clearly and is my 4th tip from my 10 Tips for Talking. However, staying hydrated is not just for voice talent…no, no! Water is for everyone, despite what some water bottling companies will[...]

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