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Aug 2015

I've had a manager fired at almost every job I've ever had. This is not intentional and I can't say I wear this experience proudly. On the other hand, I AM proud of my demand for professionalism, no matter what job I held. Plus...I'm a stickler for "do as I do" and not "do as I say". I like to think of myself as a customer service expert. Working in the hospitality industry for twelve plus years gave me a great education. And, owning a business as a voice-over professional is no different. In fact, I believe most of my clients[...]

My job requires me to be very, very precise. Certainly not brain surgery, but recording voiceovers does require crossing the proverbial "t's" and dotting the "i's", listening back to all recordings and making 100% certain that each word, no matter how small, be precisely read as written. I pride myself on the specificity and precision I bring to my work. This same precision is important in most jobs, I imagine – from doctor to waitress, being sloppy is not an option and lacks excellence. Equally important in getting it right the first time is in the role of passport administrator. And yet,[...]

Oct 2014

My husband was teasing me recently about a client I was working for…chortling about the company I keep, so to speak. Medication for crusty elbows to loans from questionable banks and even non-narcotic herbs, I've written and recorded a lot of material that I wouldn't necessarily buy into myself. As "the queen of retail voiceovers", as I lightly call myself, there is only one script I have ever turned away, uncomfortable about selling the product. It comes down to a question of integrity. Integrity – I do love that word because, despite human mistakes I have made along the way, I always[...]

Sep 2014

While recently recording a couple of scripts, I recognized how I "put love" in my recordings and what that means… Not every script is necessarily loveable, but I do treat each script with love and care. So, what the heck does that mean?!? Integrity. I set my intention to work and read and deliver with the integrity that comes from putting my heart into my work. Otherwise, to me, there is no point in being in business. Whether to be in best voice, to be an effective entrepreneur, or to give my best to my family, setting an intention is a remarkable[...]

And now... a Voiceover Blogger. I have struggled with the idea of starting a blog for a long time.  Bombarding people with yet another email or blog post has not sat well with me.  However, I have come to realize that now is a time when having a blog is essential in business, as a tool to demonstrate professionalism in one’s field. So, her I start as voiceover blogger. Over the past couple of months I have been writing steadily, in hopes of finding “my voice”.  It seems ironic that as a Voice Talent, I need to find “my voice”. Yet, it is[...]

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